EmVee 3.5

“Alright,” Lawrence said as he led Luda up the stairs and back into the inn. “So it turns out that we can not travel through the portals because… you… lack the magical power to do so. I was not aware of the limitations of that. So we are going to be taking the long route.”
How far is it?’ Luda signed.
“Ah, well, it’s… very far. RivenWood is on the far East coast, the Kingdom of Sentrool is, about-” Lawrence paused as he loaded up his map of Dark Haven. He zoomed the map out from his current location and turned on the scaled overlay. Luda watched as Lawrence swiped at what they believed was nothing, then waved his hand and looked back to Luda. “About seven to eight hundred kilometers. That’s going to be almost 2 weeks of travel time.”
Lawrence slapped his hands to his face. He held them there for a few seconds, then slid them to the side, over his ears, then up into his hair behind his head.
“Damn it-,” he took a deep breath and did some simple math in his head. With a four to one day cycle, two weeks in-game would equate to approximately three and a half days of real time. That was doable. He noticed Luda staring at him and realized he’d been standing there silently for several seconds. “Uh, yes. Okay, I think we can make the time-frame work.”
Lawrence and Luda left the inn and turned North, following the main road through the center of the small village until they reached the North Gate, a few hundred yards from the inn. Waiting just outside was an old man sitting on the bench of a wagon. The wagon was nothing special to look at; a big rectangle with raised sides to keep things from falling out, and no cover. The four wheels were mostly round, but they had obvious imperfections that would make the trip a little bumpy. Two horses were in the lead to pull it, both of which seemed healthier than the man in the seat, as though their care was more important to the man than his own.
“Good day!” Lawrence said as he walked up beside the cart, addressing the man atop it.
“Good day, traveler. Care for a ride?” The old man asked.
“Yes!” Lawrence declared. “Passage for two, to Sentrool.”
“Well,” said the old man, “I would be glad to be of service. Where will ye be heading?”
Lawrence rolled his eyes. He was trying to rush through this but the programming of the driver had never been updated; nobody used the carts when they could teleport everywhere for free. The carts were only there to add a feel of realism and to offer tours of the highly detailed world for those who actually cared. As such, the drivers were running an older, unpatched dialogue that was, more or less, turn-based, and could only receive one trigger at a time.
Lawrence made a note to update them when all of this was over.
“To Sentrool!” Lawrence declared, trying to keep his enthusiasm.
“Aye,” the old man nodded. “I can get ye there. Climb aboard.”
“Alright, here we go!” Lawrence lifted his foot, setting it on the tall back wheel and gripped the wooden railing at the back of the cart. He hopped off his other foot, lost his balance and pivoted on his first foot before losing his grip and slipping off. He groaned and looked over at Luda, hoping they hadn’t noticed his failed attempt to climb aboard; they had. Luda stared right at Lawrence with an amused expression and a smirk on their lips, then stepped forward, grabbed the rail and effortless swung themself up and into the back of the cart. They then extended a hand to help Lawrence up.
Once in the cart, the two sat across from each other and waited. The old man began to sing as he flicked the reins. The cart lurched forward as the horses started off.

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