EmVee 3.6

They hadn’t traveled long before the great wizard, Nomra, aka Lawrence, swiped at the air a few times before looking to Luda.
“I have some important business to attend to,” he said. It was business he didn’t really want to attend to, as there was about to be a meeting between all the heads of the EmVee company to discuss plans on how to resolve the crisis at hand. Lawrence had taken it upon himself to go ahead and put his own plan into motion before discussing it with them, or gaining permission. With any luck, he would get the permission he needed and would just be able to ask for forgiveness later when they inevitably discovered he had gone over their heads with a risky bit programming.
Luda looked at him, their eyes narrowed in question.
“Important wizard stuff. You wouldn’t understand. We are discussing means of destroying the villain I have chosen you to battle. I- haven’t told anyone else that a hero has been chosen already.” Lawrence fidgeted, drumming his fingers on his knees nervously. Luda simply nodded in response.
“Just stay in the cart. Sleep, if you want to. It will continue on its path until you reach our destination. I should return long before you ever reach that point.” Lawrence said. Luda nodded again. Lawrence reached into his robes, extracted a coin sack, and reached across the cart to hand it to Luda. “In case you get hungry, or something.”
Lawrence had no idea if Luda would get hungry. It wasn’t something he had really programmed into the amulet he had given them, but that amulet had attached Luda’s processing to one of the world’s most powerful artificial intelligence programs. It might decide, at some point, that Luda should be hungry. Just in case, Lawrence wanted to make sure Luda could afford to take care of themselves if anything of that nature should arise.
Luda accepted the coins. They didn’t count the coin, or even open the little coin purse for an idea of how much was in it; they just took the pack and set it on the bench beside them.
Lawrence nodded, said “alright” several times, then swiped at the air, navigating the invisible menus again.
Leaving Luda would be easier than returning to them. To leave, Lawrence only had to locate his office building on the map and select it to travel. Because he was traveling from his current location, and not from a designated portal, it was going to cost him a few credits. It would have been free if he had used the portal back at the Inn, or one of the others scattered around the Dark Haven world, but he didn’t have time to search for one.
Returning to Luda would be a bigger hassle; there was no way to teleport directly back to the cart. Instead, he would eventually have to locate Luda, then locate the nearest portal to them, then travel by foot to catch up. If he wanted, he could locate the nearest stable and rent a horse, which would be faster, and less tiresome, than walking.
Lawrence vanished right before Luda’s eyes. He returned home briefly to change loadouts from “Nomra the Mighty Wizard” to “Lawrence the EmVee Programmer.” He grabbed his papers and files from his desk then hurried to his private portal to teleport to work.

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