Week 7

I’m posting from my phone, and I don’t know how to do templates here… So, you’ll just have to deal with the lack of formatting. I’ve started work on custom character sheets for Pathfinder. I’ve been making custom character booklets for a while now, but I can’t sell those since they use copyrighted material from other websites. So, I’m taking […]

Update: Week 6

February 5 to February 11 Misc Sweet Baby Yoda, I almost forgot it was that time of the week again! Wow, time sure is flying by at insane speeds these days. With the pandemic, I’ve been doing nothing but working and sleeping for the past year and it’s really wearing on my recognition of days. Is it Friday? Is it […]

M.A.Z.E. 03

Looks like Frank’s craving some human flesh. Things aren’t looking too well for Susie? This was the last page I made for this little strip, so… that’s it. It’s over. I don’t see me continuing this.

Update: Week 5

January 29 to February 4 Posts Map for Northquest 4: A map for the Northquest 4 pathfinder campaign, created by the DM, Eric. M.A.Z.E 01: The first page of an old comic I started. Reading I finished books 1 and 2 of the Stonehaven League and am currently a quarter of the way through book 3. I took a break […]


I had a VERY interesting dream some time ago that lead me to start a new project I titled MAZE (Monsters, Aliens, Zombies, Etc.). The dream involved being chased in an RV by giant monsters through a Zombie infested city. It started with about 6 or 8 members in the group, but by the end it was just two. The […]

Update: Week 4

January 22 to January 28 Posts A Fairy Tail Wedding : A doodle/comic based on a typo. EmVee 3.2: Chapter 3 part 2 of The EmVee. Reading I finished book 8 of the Critical Failures series by Robert Bevan. As with all of the other books, it left me on a big cliff-hanger, whispering to myself “WTF?” before yelling “DON’T DO […]

EmVee 3.2

Lawrence was silent for a long moment as he stared into Luda’s wide, wild eyes. He knew Luda had a history of anger, but also knew that they had, more or less, overcome it and were no longer a serious threat. However, it seemed that bringing up events from before they became a video game NPC was a sore subject, […]

Update: Week 3

January 15 to January 21 Posts What are you? : A bonus strip of a discontinued D&D comic Creation Notes: Lohengrin : Notes on the creation of my main PC for the Pathfinder Campaign, Northquest 4. EmVee 3.1: Chapter 3 part 1 of The EmVee. (Technically Week 4, but… meh). Reading I finished books 6 and 7 of the Critical […]

Mini Reviews 01

I’ve been reading a lot lately, so I figured I would do a few Mini-Reviews. Zoey Punches the Future in the Dick  5/5 The second book of the Zoey Asche series by David Wong, this story picks up a few months after the first book. Zoey has begun to settle into her new life, and is now looked down […]

Update: Week 2

Happy New Year! I’m sure all my beautiful imaginary friends out there have noticed my absence these past few weeks, but I assure you I have a VERY good excuse; I’ve been lazy. Actually, I’ve been busy which leads to me being tired on my down days. I started a new job back in June of 2020, working 6 days […]