The Ancient 1.2

“Hello?!” Edward calls into the darkness. His voice echoes through his chamber, rattling his eardrums and causing him to cringe. The voice outside grows further and further away until it’s replaced by silence. For a moment it feels as though they really are going to abandon him and the anxiety of it begins to swell inside his chest. He breaths […]

EmVee 1.2

2054 APRIL 28 11:19 AM “-ajor disaster!” Terrance was halfway through a sentence when Lawrence pulled open the door. “Five people. Five! Dead! And dozens of others are infected, that we KNOW of, all trapped inside, and we still have no clue what is happening!” “But,” the investor sitting beside Brad Lee on the opposite end of the table from […]

EmVee 1.1

2054 APRIL 28 11:15 AM Lawrence was hesitant to walk into the office. He could see the occupants of the room through the glass walls of the office and he could see the intense expressions on all of their faces. There were a dozen individuals sitting around the table, all wearing very serious skins for their avatars. Like every meeting, […]

The Ancient 1.1

The first thought to enter Edward’s mind is; holy fuck! My head hurts! He groans, his groggy mind struggling to make sense of the world as he wakes. He leans forward and rests his head against the cold metal wall in front of him. He tries to comfort his brain, to bring his hand up and gently rest his head in […]

EmVee Prologue

Like every day, Luda woke before sunrise. They waved away the larger sheepdog that came in from the cold to cuddle against them at night, and licked Luda’s face every morning to wake them. Luda wiped the drool from their face onto a sleeve of their tunic and stood. They slept in their clothes, so there was no time wasted […]