EmVee 2.1

2054 APRIL 28 5:45 AM Lawrence had contacted the head of the SAAI program three days before his meeting with the investors, to see if his idea was even plausible. They told him that, in theory, it was possible. There had been no serious hitches in the testing of the new AI, except one; in order to create a true […]

The Ancient 1.4

By now, Edward’s vision has cleared enough that, once they adjust to the lights, he can make out the details of his surroundings. The hall is at least twenty feet wide, and twice that in height, extending far into the distance and gradually bending out of sight. The floor above them is just a walkway along the walls with a […]

The Ancient 1.3

The room is poorly lit, but it proves to be an improvement from the darkness of the metal coffin Edward had just evacuated. The main source of light in the room comes from a long, narrow window high in the wall near the ceiling. Below the window is a panel of glowing buttons and switches surrounding a computer monitor. There […]