The Ancient 1.6

“Uh, Tomu?” The tall man holding the rope pauses in front of Edward, confused. He looks over his shoulder at the bald man with the red eyebrows. “Tomu? This one only has one arm. How am I supposed to-” He trails off and holds up the rope. Tomu, the calm man with the red eyebrows, disengages himself from a conversation […]

The Ancient 1.5

“What the fuck is that thing?” The quiet man from the room asks. “I don’t know. Ask it?” The standing lady responds. “Should we be following it?” Asks the other lady. “It doesn’t seem threaten-” the other man began to speak but stops abruptly when Edward stops in front of him. He bumps into Edward’s back, who leans back to […]

D&D 01 Introductions

The Beginning 2019 NOV 10 Day onE The Heroes are at a tavern for weary travelers, most of them having met for the first time they spend some hours chatting and getting to know each other over drinks and food.They are approached by three colorfully dressed individuals who introduce themselves as Vistani. Ratka, the leader of the three, requests the […]

EmVee 2.2

As soon as Lawrence pressed the activate button, the clunky box of metal and function chips began to glow and floated several feet off the floor, spinning slowly. This was always Lawrence’s favorite apart of creating new items and functions; the testing. It reminded him of the scene from Beauty and the Beast when the Beast turns back into a […]