The Ancient 2.2

“Damn it!” Edward yelled again, he sprawled on his back and kicked his feet at Pe-bo, trying to keep him and his medical equipment away, but the tall man brushed his legs away effortlessly and rolled his eyes. “Knock it off,” Pe-bo commanded as he took the loose end of the rope off the ground and stood. “Come on. It’ll […]

D&D 04 Again With the Dursts

2019 DEC 21 The heroes return to the inn. They rest then head off to the church in the morning. After a discussion with the resident clergymen, they find that the Priest’s son is a vampire. They recommend he leave the boy locked in the basement where he can do no harm. The heroes return to the Durst house’s basement. […]

D&D 03 The Durst House

2019 DEC 19 The Heroes rise, have breakfast, and return to the Durst House. They head straight to secret stairway Auryn discovered in the children’s room in the attic. The stairway spirals downward and they find themselves in the basement. The Heroes enter the basement, a long hallway lined with doors. After testing for traps, they open the nearest door […]

D&D 02 The Second One

The Second Part 2019 DEC 11 The Durst house Picking up where we left off, the Heroes are still in the secret room of The Durst House’s Library. Inspecting the skeleton, a Letter to Gustav is found. It is addressed to the owner of the house, Gustav Durst, and signed by Strahd Von Zarovich. Noting the time of night, and noting that superstition […]

The Ancient 2.1

Pe-bo crouched over the old man lying beside Edward. He had retrieved a kit from a pack against the wall and had something in his hand he waved under the man’s nose. The man woke quickly and panicked. Pe-bo rested his hand on the old man’s chest, holding him down. It didn’t seem to be a great deal of effort […]