The Ancient 3.2

“Two just exited,” Ash says, watching the distant cave through the scope of their rifle as two of the tall Pajonian men exit. The two engage the others already standing outside the entrance, exchanging greetings and quickly falling into jovial conversation. “Only two?” Bri asks. “Yeah. I have four at the entrance; the two guards and the two who-” Ash […]

D&D 05 The Dankness

2020 JAN 05 With the Durst house resolved, the Heroes head to the mercantile to make some trades. Afterwards, they agree to finish their quest with Ireena to take her to Vaalik. Outside of the city walls, the heroes run into the Vistani, still waiting for them. They climb into the cart and head out. The Vistani deliver the heroes […]

The Ancient 3.1

Stakeouts are ssooo¬†boring! It had been several hours since Ash found their position amongst the branches of a tree. They had been shifting about for the last two of them trying to find a more comfortable position. They went from lounging on their back against the trunk to dangling from their knees, and when it seemed like nothing was going […]