The Rheinseses….es: Lochinvar 6

2020 AUG 27 Along their journey back to camp, The Crew had a few questions for the woman they had rescued. She answered to the best of her ability. “I am Alayra Rheins. I was returning my home in the city of Feygorest. We were camped off to the side of the road when we were attacked. The guards escorting […]

Damsel in Distress : Lochinvar 05

2020 AUG 20 The Crew returned to the Hidden Pickle and spoke to Phil. They informed him of what they discovered at the Fisherman’s House. The distraught Innkeeper kept his end of the bargain and gave the crew keys to their rooms and free alcohol for the evening. The Crew dispersed to clean up in their rooms before dinner. Senda […]

Spiders Of Unusual Size: Lochinvar 04

2020 AUG 16 Returning to Luda’s room beneath the tunnels, The Crew rest, eat, and examine their findings. Justin asks Senda and Thrall to take a look at the Metal Rod he found. Between the two of them, they deduce that the item is an Immovable Rod. The Crew names the Rat-Man “Rocky”.  When they are rested, the Crew sends […]

The NecroRatser: Lochinvar 03

2020 AUG 13 The Crew returned to Luda’s hovel to rest before facing the unknown behind the door in the caves. Asher toiled about and discovered that the golden statues in the room did not seem to feel like real gold. Luda disappeared briefly but was found to be in a secret room hidden inside his backpack. Asher closed the […]

The Ooze: Barovia 28

2020 JUNE 28 The group heads back to the entrance of the cavern, passing over Auryn’s bridge. They find black ooze dripping down from the cave ceiling. Everyone jumps through safely except Auryn and Thrommout, who both take a LOT of damage. Auryn is downed and outed by the incident, and Thrommout is almost down. Thrommout attacks the ooze, but […]

R.O.U.Ses : Lochinvar 02

2020 AUG 06 Having arrived several days prior, Thrall had been staying in Mic and awaiting the return of the carriage North. They had been on their way to Lochinvar when the Carriage pulled over and said it needed to return to Dockside for an important visitor. The carriage returned with a load of passengers who entered the Hidden Pickle. […]

A-Weema-Weh : Barovia 28

2020 AUG 01 The Crew ventures deeper into the Elemental Cave. Auryn casts light to illuminate the area. Belvias sends Legalotts ahead to scout the area and Legalotts discovers a Dart Trap. Auryn uses his Mold Earth ability to remove a section of the wall with the dart trap, eliminating the threat. The Crew quickly discovers a deep chasm just […]

The Arrival : Lochinvar 01

2020 JUL 30 The Crew arrived to the Grey Isles by ship, docking at the village of Dockside. They went through Customs quickly, though the Crew noticed that the three other occupants of the ship were held back for further questioning. The Crew split off with Peng and Asher heading to the Lazy Chow to eat, while Senda, Justin, and […]