Update: Week 40

New Posts: Tossed Sallen and Scrambled Eggs :: A recap of our Dungeons and Dragon’s session from September 24, 2020. The title references a prank of poor taste made during the game that is not mentioned in the recap. New Pages: Major NPCs of Lochinvar :: A quick look at the notable NPCs in the Lochinvar Campaign. Minor NPCs of […]

Tossed Sallen and Scrambled Eggs: Lochinvar 10

Tossed sallen and scrambled eggs Lochinvar 10 2020 SEP 24 Having cleared Bridge Tower, the Crew was preparing to leave when the large guard from the lower tower chased them down. He introduced himself as Ilikan, the Captain of the Guard, and apologized for his distrust earlier. He invited the Crew to stay for dinner and sleep in the spare […]

Update: Week 39

New Posts: Lochinvar 09: Hungry? Why Wait? :: A recap of our Dungeons and Dragons session from September 17, 2020 New Pages: Locations of Lochinvar :: A list of locations for the “Lochinvar” D&D Campaign   Map of Lochinvar :: A map of the Lochinvar Kingdom from the “Lochinvar” D&D Campaign   Finnian Gainsboro :: A test page for individual […]

Hungry, Why Wait? : Lochinvar 09

Hungry? Why Wait? Lochinvar 09 2020 SEP 17 Having stayed in Feygorest a few days, and having put an end to one of the Rheins Family’s Curses, the Crew decides to take Edmund’s offer of keeping the damage carriage for themselves and continuing on their journey to the capital city of Lochinvar. Justin asks Finnian if he has any means […]

Update: week 38

I’ve been neglecting my updates! In fact, I haven’t updated once since transferring the site! I know I’ve been busy with the new job, working 6 days a week, 10 to 12 hours a day… But that’s no excuse! I should keep to my schedule. Right? Anyway, updates; The most steady thing coming from this site right now are weekly […]

Rock'n'Troll : Lochinvar 08

Rock’n’troll! Lochinvar 08 2020 SEPTEMBER 10 The Crew spoke to Alayra over dinner, explaining their intent to head back to the bridge where they had first met her in order to recover the carriage and investigate the situation with the Troll and with Gareth. Alayra offered the use of a second horse and the Crew accepted. The following morning, the […]

Blood, sucker: Lochinvar 07

2020 SEP 03 Deciding that the weird room with the carved face and a summoning circle was probably a bit too much, The Crew opted to return to the Rhein’s Mansion before tackling whatever was ahead. The Crew passed through the mushroom room and Senda picked up the rusted sword. Justin examined it and read the magic on it, discovering […]