Week 48.2

I have some work to do. There are duplicate posts all over the place, posts that are misaligned, and posts with missing or wrong media… so, I have some work to do. With any luck, I will have enough fixed by the end of the week that I can then begin doing what I really want to do; write junk […]

Week 48

I am back! A while ago, I had this site and I filled it with a bunch of short stories and drafts for various projects I was working on. After the two year period I had initially purchased, the renewal took a massive price hike that I just couldn’t justify for a personal site… so, I let it lapse and […]

Lochinvar 15

Airspeed Velocity of an Unladen Aarakocra LOCHINVAR 15 2020 NOV 06 Delwyn happily demonstrates how the Magic Jugs function, using Peng as an unwilling assistant. He then invites the Crew to dinner. They dine and discuss plans for the upcoming events. The Crew inform Delwyn of their plan to storm the castle and remove Alistair from the throne and Delwyn […]