Update: Week 6

February 5 to February 11


Sweet Baby Yoda, I almost forgot it was that time of the week again! Wow, time sure is flying by at insane speeds these days. With the pandemic, I’ve been doing nothing but working and sleeping for the past year and it’s really wearing on my recognition of days. Is it Friday? Is it Tuesday? I have no clue!

Oh, wait; It’s Monday. Tomorrow’s Tuesday, which I means I have to clean the toys in the yard for the Gardener tomorrow! Ah!! It’s already so late!


M.A.Z.E 02 and Maze 03: Second and Third pages of the three page mini-comic. M.A.Z.E stands for Monsters, Aliens, Zombies, Etcetera.


I am on my 12th book of 2021 and we’re only 6 weeks into the year. As such, I burnt myself out and had to take a brief brake. I’m catching up on Podcasts that I’ve neglected for the last 8 months.

I don’t know why I like Podcasts? Most of them are just a few folks chatting with each other. I mean, My Brother My Brother and Me is literally just three brothers goofing off, yet I listen to them for hours while driving? Adventure Zone is at least a Partial Cast Improvised Fantasy Story, and Hey Riddle Riddle has riddles… sometimes.

Maybe it makes the world feel less distant listening to folks chat? I dunno… I need science on this.


I’ve started making character booklets for the characters in my D&D group again. Since we switched to Pathfinder 1e, I’ve had trouble finding appropriately detailed and aesthetic sheets worthy of binding. I’ll put something up late with the step by steps and details on it. They turned out gorgeous, and I’ve been commissioned to make spell books now as well.

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