Week 7

I’m posting from my phone, and I don’t know how to do templates here… So, you’ll just have to deal with the lack of formatting.

I’ve started work on custom character sheets for Pathfinder. I’ve been making custom character booklets for a while now, but I can’t sell those since they use copyrighted material from other websites. So, I’m taking notes on what I want out of a character journal and making plans on a layout that would be all mine.

In other news, I finished book 4 of the Stonehaven League. Took me all week to get through it since I was listening to my backlog of Podcasts I’ve ignored for a few mo ths now. The book finally shifted away from Devon’s city building to focus on the story taking place both inside the game and in the real world.

Keeping this short since, as I said, I’m on mobile… So… Tootles!

Author: CJ Stark

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