Week 11

Woops. Broke my weekly update streak!

I’ve been very busy the last few weeks starting a business… Sort of. I’m turning a hobby into an Etsy shop.

A while ago I got involved in book binding. I only started so I could make a custom journal, but then I had the idea to create custom character journals for my d&d group. When I shared them, other people wanted some and I had to start asking for money for materials.

Handbound Character Journal

I eventually realized that this could be somewhat profitable, so I started working on my own customized character sheets so I could market them and sell them without any worry about some third party suing me for using their character sheets.

Later I discovered a notebook system called Discbound. Now I have options between hand bound and discbound. The benefits of the discbound system allows for the swapping out of pages. It’s easy to rearrange the booklet to your heart’s content, or to add new sections and pages if you need more.

Discbound Character Journal for Lohengrin

After a month or so, I finally have a functioning character sheet that’s well laid out and easy to read. We’re play testing them now to make sure all the necessary information is quick and easy to access.

Right now I only have a character sheet for Pathfinder 1e, but I intend to start working on a character sheet for D&D 5e soon. After that, I need to figure out how much these things cost to make, then figure out what I need to sell them for to not go broke. 😂

In other news, I am currently on book 15 of 2021. I slowed down a bit because I ran out of books and had to find some more, so I caught up on podcasts. I’ve finished Stonehaven League by Carrie Summers (I think, I have to check on the author), and Super Humans by J. A. Cipriano. I’ve learnt that I don’t much enjoy Cipriano’s books as the portrayal of female characters is… A teen boys wet dream?

Every main female character in the Superhuman books was crawling all over the main protagonist. Even the dark, mysterious, and the strong and independent ones. As soon as they got near him they were fawning and couldn’t get enough of him.

But if I put the author’s fantasies aside, the rest of the books were quite decent. Good story, good characters, and a good level of unpredictability.

I am working my way into a book called A Cat and His Human: a litrpg. So far it has been vaguely interesting but not enough to make me want to keep going. It seems every character was collected moments before their death and given the option of living inside a roleplaying game world. As fun as the premise is, I just can’t get myself to care about the characters or their predicaments.

I might be a little put off by the book because… Well, I judged it by its cover. The cover makes it seem like a light hearted, humorous fantasy tale.

That’s by own fault, though. I know better.

Well, ta ta for now.

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