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April 2 through April 8

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This is outside the week 14 update, but I never posted about it originally, so it goes here now.. I went to Yosemite at the end of March. We spent just shy of a week there. The intent of the trip was to scatter the ashes of my Mother in Law (with the park’s permission), so it wasn’t just a vacation. That may have only taken a few hours of the trip, but it was the main purpose.

Our Campsite, in all its glory.

Yosemite Journal Highlights

    • We made friends with the local Ravens by feeding them every morning. We had 11 of them.
    • We saw a lot of Deer. Those things have no fear of people.
    • A Coyote walked right through my Sister-In-Law’s camp as they were sitting there.
    • Traffic was a nightmare in the evenings as all the tourists tried to leave at the same time.

They were cutting down trees around the campgrounds, clearing the dead and rotting ones. We watched. The trees shake the ground and boom like thunder when they land.

    • I can kind of draw?
Yosemite Falls - April 2021


None. I haven’t made a non-update post since… February 18, when I posted the Recap for our Pathfinder game. I’m not even sure I made that public? Or finished it for  that matter. I need to get on that since I have ANOTHER recap to make before our next game this Saturday.


I’ve hit 17 books this year. I’m really beginning to think that my 25 books was a very low goal.

I started, and completed, a series called The Stonehaven League, by Carrie Summers. It is of a new genre that has become popular lately, called LitRPG. Basically, it’s what happens when the Dungeon Master decides they want to DM AND play all the characters. From what I can tell of the few LitRPG books I have read, they generally feature characters either playing, or trapped inside, a game of whatever theme fits the genre. Sometimes it’s a fantasy game world, sometimes it’s an apocalyptic city game. They often give the character’s numeric attributes, levels, and skills and abilities based on a character class.

It’s literally a Roleplaying session in Literary form.

The Stonehaven League focuses on a young woman named Devon, who is kind of a big deal in the gaming world. She is hired to test the A.I. of a new Virtual Reality game world and spends much of her time in this game building a city instead of exploring, dungeon diving, or leveling. Things get tough when one of the A.I.s controlling the world goes awol and starts trapping the minds of players inside the game. It comes down to Devon and a few trustworthy friends to find a way to battle the A.I. from inside the game and save everyone.

After I finished Stonehaven, I tried a few other books but I couldn’t get into them. I started A Cat and his Human, but couldn’t get into it. My mind was still in Stonehaven. I’m sure if I give it another shot later on I’ll have the mental capacity for it. I also started, and couldn’t get into, another book that must have been so un-get-into-able that I don’t remember the title, the author, or much of anything about it. I got myself several chapters into it, then quit to catch up on Podcasts again.

Right now, I’m on book two of Space Team… which is probably exactly what it sounds like. Space Team, by Barry J Hutchison, is about an Earthling abducted by an Alien president, tossed into a team with a Cyborg, an Anthropomorphic dog, a blue lady, and a ball of slime, and told to go take care of an issue involving Blackmail, a Zombie virus of sorts, and the Space President. It’s main character is a fast talking con-man who who has a wise-crack for every moment.

Book two of the series begins right where the first one left off as the team now has to deal with the aftermath of their involvement in the President’s problems, and with the Dog person’s family responsibilities.

It’s funny, and entertaining. Worth reading if you enjoy Sci-Fi and need something to read.

Author: CJ Stark

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