Week 20

Week 20

New Posts

Social Booking : A few thoughts on a few social sites made for book lovers.

The Simon Snow Series : Review of Cary on, and Wayward Son by Rainbow Rowel

Horror in Honduras : Review of Horror in Honduras by Benjamin Wallace

Creation Notes for Bobalberry : Exactly what the title says.

Notes from Lohengrin 4 : Part 1 of the recap for our last Pathfinder session.

Notes from Lohengrin 4.5 : Part 2 of the recap of our last Pathfinder session.


I had to fix up the website a little bit. The old theme wasn’t working properly so I had to find a new one. This one looks great, but the Submenu plugin I have is incompatible… so my submenus aren’t populating properly. It just means i have to do them all by hand.

I took some time to clean up this site; I erased a lot of redundant Categories, deleted a lot of unused Pages, and have been creating new pages and categories to keep things organized.


29 books in! I had to up my goal to 52 because I blew past my original goal (I think it was 25). 

I have been on a Benjamin Wallace kick the last few weeks. Started and finished his Damian Stockwell series (review pending), as well as the only Dumb White Dads book he has available on Audible. I went ahead and ordered a physical copy of the Dumb White Dads omnibus so I could attempt to read it. When it comes to reading physical books, I don’t make great progress… as is demonstrated by the fact that I have been trying to read The Korpse Files by J.I. Rogers for well over a year now. I just can’t find the time to sit and read, and my mind has trouble focusing on lines so I reread lines over and over. That’s why audiobooks are a godsend for me.


No new stories, or additions to the stories I already have; but I HAVE been writing other things… mainly, reviews and opinion pieces. I have been binging on books and throwing out little mini-reviews on Goodreads. I have also been writing up opinions and reviews of board games and a few shows and movies I enjoy. I’ll be moving those over to this site, and expanding upon them, soon enough. I’m already working on it.

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