Hey CJ Why Aren’t You Writing?

Hey CJ, Why Aren't You Writing?

So, y’all may have noticed that I haven’t written anything in… almost 2 weeks. Well, the reason for that is; I’m easily distracted. I can actually pinpoint the exact moment I became distracted and stopped writing; it was June 29th, the day Sky: Children of the Light was released on Nintendo Switch.

This game is absolutely amazing. It is utterly adorable in its art style, and the player community is the absolute best, most supportive, kind, and helpful gaming community I have ever played with. With such a community of people that are so willing to go out of their way to help people with nothing in it for them (except the joy of helping others), it really puts me in a place where I want to pay it forward and go help other players find all the lost spirits and hidden treasures.

I started playing the game in November 2020, but back then it was only on Mobile devices. When I heard they planned to release the game on Nintendo Switch, I shut it off and waited. I regret that decision now, as I missed out on some fun seasonal stuff… But, if I hadn’t stopped playing it, I might have never gotten back into my short stories.

When I first got back into the game earlier this month I was having trouble with the controller on my Switch trying to run to the left (the controller had a bit of drift in the stick). I couldn’t complete one of the trial runs because of the drift and kept sliding off into the frozen water. Out of the blue, completely unprompted, a stranger ran up, offered me their hand, and led me through the areas where I was having difficulty… which was most of the area because that drift kept putting me in the freezing water and sending me back to the last checkpoint.

It was a very kind gesture on their part, and that is what the game is all about. You don’t really get to talk to people in the game since you have to unlock chat features on an individual basis, which requires an investment of Candles, the in-game currency you collect during gameplay, and both players have to want to chat. For the most part, players communicate by honking, which is exactly what it sounds like, and using emotes, which you also unlock during gameplay.

Since I’ve had several people assist me in the game, I’ve felt compelled to do the same and have spent the last few days running Moths (their term for newbies) through a few of the areas I actually know, and building bonds with people I’ve never spoken to, or even exchanged messages with. 

So, that’s where I’ve been the last two weeks. As an apology for my absence, I have posted the next two parts of my Wasteland story;

Zero Day Part 4 and Day One

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