Update: Week 3

January 15 to January 21


What are you? : A bonus strip of a discontinued D&D comic

Creation Notes: Lohengrin : Notes on the creation of my main PC for the Pathfinder Campaign, Northquest 4.

EmVee 3.1: Chapter 3 part 1 of The EmVee. (Technically Week 4, but… meh).


I finished books 6 and 7 of the Critical Failures series by Robert Bevan. I don’t know what to say about this series that I haven’t already said; it’s full of immature potty humor, and a ridiculously good fantasy story. The Critical Failures series keeps finding new ways to throw the characters into impossible situations, and finding new, more clever ways to get them out of trouble.

7 books into the series and the main characters are no closer to finding their way home than they were in the first book. One might even claim that they are further from it, since a few of their options have been removed. Like most of the other books, book 7 ends on a big cliff hanger that leads directly into book 8, which I began this morning. Currently, there are only 8 books in the series and I can’t see this story wrapping up in this one. 


I’m working on writing again! In order to get myself back into the flow, I’m rewriting a few old drafts of a few stories I already had in the works. I’ve started with The Emvee, a sci-fi/fantasy story about a massive multiplayer virtual reality world that becomes infected with an unknown virus that is trapping players’ consciousnesses…es… in the game. To battle this, one of the programmers takes an experimental self-aware artificial intelligence and attaches it to an NPC inside the game.

I’ve discovered that most of my most interesting works tend to begin with me experimenting with writing styles. My entire Zeds series began because I was curious about writing in First Person-Present Tense. I always felt like first person books lacked real danger since they’re usually written in past tense, so I know the protagonist survives. They couldn’t be telling the story if the hadn’t. 

Similarly, I have a series called “CJ Versus” which began as an experiment into Second-Person story telling. It’s a story where the main protagonists are “You” and “Me”, and it tells a fictional story that blends some real events of my life into it. I’ll be reworking and sharing that soon.

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