Hey CJ! 2136

Hey CJ!

Week 36 of 2021

Hey y’all, just an update.



I just wanted to pop in to let everyone know that I have been writing, I just can’t post it right now. I have a few scenes written for later in the story of Shay, but I need a connecting scene that leads from Part A to Part B, so there aren’t any big questions where Part B picks up. The last thing I need is everyone suddenly wondering what happened in the gap.

Once I figure out how to fill that gap in, I’ll post some more… But… that gap is hard to fill because I’m also writing a new D&D Campaign for my players. I offered to DM a Post-Apocalyptic Zombie horror game and I got a few bites so I’m working on that. I’m going to use the Pathfinder system because I like the freedom of character creation and growth better with Pathfinder than I do for D&D 5th Edition. I mean, picking skill points is significantly better than gaining a Proficiency Bonus.

However, because I’m changing the scene a bit from a standard Fantasy Setting to something a little more modern, I need to do some extra work in making Magic and Weapons work in the setting.


My year started off very strong, so strong in fact that I increased my yearly reading goal from 25 books to 52! Unfortunately, I didn’t keep up with it. I’ve involved myself in so many things that keeping up on my reading schedule was causing me to fall behind on other things; like podcasts.

I still don’t know why I like podcasts, but despite not knowing why, I still listen to them. They’re just… they’re just people talking to each other.

A few of them have themes, like Hey Riddle Riddle and Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me; those are game shows of sorts and I can interact with them to an extent. But then there’s My Brother My Brother and Me which is literally just three brothers hanging out and chatting… and I eat it up. I guess maybe my work days are just getting boring, repetitive, and lonely and listening to other people must be making me happy in some way otherwise I wouldn’t keep listening to them.


Anyway, I haven’t read a book since June; almost exactly 3 months to the day. I hit 31 books in under 6 months. If I pick up where I left off I could still reach my goal by the end of the year; I only need 21 books more… in 4 months.

I can do it!

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    1. Can’t argue with that! Also can’t argue the “coincidence” that I stopped reading this year about the same time I fell off my writing cycle!

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