Update: Week 4

January 22 to January 28


A Fairy Tail Wedding : A doodle/comic based on a typo.

EmVee 3.2: Chapter 3 part 2 of The EmVee.


I finished book 8 of the Critical Failures series by Robert Bevan. As with all of the other books, it left me on a big cliff-hanger, whispering to myself “WTF?” before yelling “DON’T DO THIS TO ME!”

This addition to the series really reinforced my dislike of Tim, and now also Dave. I mean, Dave’s been on a big downhill streak for a while, but he really went overboard in this book, and Tim’s still Tim, which annoys me. Chaz, however, really rose to the task of being an exemplary Bard, putting the  true value of a Bard on full display.

As usual; poop, farts, dicks. It wouldn’t be a Critical Failure without them.

The fella who reads the Critical Failures audiobooks is named Jonathan Sleep.  I would have to say that Jonathan Sleep is up there on the level of Luke Daniels, whom, if you know me, is my absolute favorite narrator. Johnathan does an absolutely amazing job of giving all of the many, many characters a distinct voice and personality. The editing of the series really shines in Book 8, where the Bard is more active and playing the role of a Bard. Jonathan… well, Jonathan Bards it up; not just singing, but singing in character. 

In other book news; I have picked up book one of The Stonehaven League; Temple of Sorrows, by Carrie Summers. I got through about 13 chapters today and it’s quite enjoyable. It’s going to take some time adjusting to new characters, as the Failure group is still fresh in my mind, but I will push forward, bravely enduring new stuff.

So far, it seems to be a Fantasy/Sci-Fi story about a Virtual Reality Gamer being hired to be a “Celebrity Gamer”, using her already established gaming creds to draw attention to a new game on a new platform that’s implanted into the head. It’s looking good so far.

Book Reviews

I’m a terrible candidate for writing book reviews. I enjoy everything! If it can take my mind off of the real world and keep me entertained for a few hours then, GOOD! That’s what I’m reading the book for! Even if I hate the main characters, don’t understand their motivations, or I’m not a fan of the writing style; I enjoy every book I read. I have never rated any book less than a 3, and that was a pretty boring book.

If an author spends so much time putting their soul and imagination into a piece of work, who am I to criticize it? As such, most of my book reviews are essentially just me gushing over what I enjoyed, and trying to find clever comparisons. If there’s something problematic in the book, I’ll probably mention it (as I did in Ready Player 2), but beyond that, expect me to just love everything. I love the villains, I love the conflict, I love the boring moments where characters are just sitting around talking about their plans for the day… or, at least, I love those moments if I’m invested in the character.

When I invest in a character, I go all in. They’re my friend now and I want to know everything about them. I get disappointed in them when they do things wrong, and I get excited for them when things go right. I google them for other people’s ideas of what they look like, and then disregard them because they don’t match my idea.

Anyway, I’m taking some lessons on book reviewing because… the people deserve it. I must be better… for you.

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