Week 48

I am back!

A while ago, I had this site and I filled it with a bunch of short stories and drafts for various projects I was working on. After the two year period I had initially purchased, the renewal took a massive price hike that I just couldn’t justify for a personal site… so, I let it lapse and lost the site.

Out of curiosity, I looked the site up and found that the domain was back on the market. I swooped in a picked it up immediately and let it sit dormant for a while… until this week when my Go-To personal hosting site had a big Black Friday sale and offered a life-long ridiculously low price with unlimited storage.

I jumped on that too.

As soon as I get a few bits and bobbles in place, I can pick up wherever it was that I stopped a few years ago and resume posting and participating with those folks I used to acquaint myself with.

The biggest issue I’m having right now is the inability to access this site from anything other than a Firefox browser on my laptop. It doesn’t work in any other browser on any of my other computers, or even my phone. I’ll figure it out though.

I’m excited to be back and get back into the fray. Lets go!

Author: CJ Stark

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