My name is CJ, though I often go by Twiggy. I’m a Dabbler in Scribbles and Doodles with a Perfunctory Proficiency in Photography and an Inherently Puerile Mind. I write little stories based on life, and also little stories based on pretend life, and occasionally I write stories based on an imaginary life. I also have the power to freeze time and steal light, which I like to display as trophies in specifically arranged “photographs”. On occasion, I will combine ancient minerals with tree pulp to create simulacrums that are sometimes pleasing, and sometimes extremely offensive to the eye.
Twiggy – Me
Marebear – My beloved spouse
Groundma – Grandma.
Dean and Sam Wincatser – My cats
Yet to be introduced; Kid 1 and Kid 2. Thing. Little Thing.