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Notes from Lohengrin 003

2021 APR 10 Travel Notes by Lohengrin Van Asche VII Part Three Dear Journal, The second half…


Update: Week 14

April 2 through April 8 And everything else since my last update Yosemite This is outside the…


Week 11

Woops. Broke my weekly update streak! I’ve been very busy the last few weeks starting a business……


Week 7

I’m posting from my phone, and I don’t know how to do templates here… So, you’ll just…


Update: Week 6

February 5 to February 11 Misc Sweet Baby Yoda, I almost forgot it was that time of…

Logs, Northquest 4, Roleplay

Notes from Lohengrin 002

2021 FEB 13 Travel Notes by Lohengrin Van Asche Part Two Dear Journal, We woke with the…

Doodles, Maze

M.A.Z.E. 03

M.A.Z.E. 03 Looks like Frank’s craving some human flesh. Things aren’t looking too well for Susie? This…

Doodles, Maze

M.A.Z.E. 02

M.A.Z.E. 02 Frank’s not having a good day. Poor guy just hit some mysterious creature, and its…


Update: Week 5

January 29 to February 4 Posts Map for Northquest 4: A map for the Northquest 4 pathfinder…

Logs, Northquest 4, Roleplay

Travel Notes by Lohengrin Van Asche VII 001

Doodles, Maze


M.A.Z.E. 01 I had a VERY interesting dream some time ago that lead me to start a…

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Northquest 4 Map

Area Map for Northquest 4 Created by the DM; Eric The Journey Thus Far: Regardless of where…


Update: Week 4

January 22 to January 28 Posts A Fairy Tail Wedding : A doodle/comic based on a typo. EmVee…


Fairy Tail Wedding

EmVee, Stories

EmVee 3.2

The EmVee Chapter 3 Part 2 of The EmVee Lawrence was silent for a long moment as…