Auryn Kills 2 Elementals : D&D 27

2020 JUL 27

Thrommout wakes up to find half of his crew have already left. He wanders out into the halls of Morty’s mansion and finds the butler, who tells him that the others have left already, then tells him to meet Morty.

Morty teleports Thrommout to the other side of the mountain to where he left the rest of the crew. Thrommout manages to locate the cave of the elementals, then follow the foot prints of the crew to their temporary camp.

The crew dismantles their camp and returns to the cave, intent upon finding the rest of the required crystals to repair the Sunsword.

Eredere manages to summon an elemental by causing a ruckus at the cave entrance. Two elementals appear, and the battle commences.

Auryn kills both of the elementals and the group returns to their temporary camp.

They now have 4 of the 5 required crystals.

Author: CJ Stark

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