The Ooze: Barovia 28

2020 JUNE 28

The group heads back to the entrance of the cavern, passing over Auryn’s bridge. They find black ooze dripping down from the cave ceiling. Everyone jumps through safely except Auryn and Thrommout, who both take a LOT of damage.

Auryn is downed and outed by the incident, and Thrommout is almost down. Thrommout attacks the ooze, but the ooze splits into two.

Eiliander runs back to help Auryn, feeding him a potion. Eredere uses a Cure Wounds spell to assist him as well. Belvias casts Healing Word on Thrommout.

Eredere picks Auryn up and flees. Auryn, waking up, casts Command and tells the ooze balls to flee. They turn and ooze away back into the cave.

The group realizes that Auryn doesn’t quite look like himself. Having been reduced to 0 hit points he reverted back to his changeling form.

No one really cares and they move on with their lives.

The Crew set up camp at the base of the mountain, debating on how to find their way back to the other side, since no one knew where they were or how to cross the mountain.

Thew Crew woke up the next day and took a few hours to get to the other side of the mountain and find their way back to Morty’s.

The Crew turned the crystals over to Morty, then hung out for a week to wait for him to reforge the blade.

When the sword was returned, Auryn found that it was too heavy for him. He said goodbye to the Voice and handed the sword over to Eredere, who in turn handed it to Thrommout.

Author: CJ Stark

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