A-Weema-Weh : Barovia 28

2020 AUG 01

The Crew ventures deeper into the Elemental Cave. Auryn casts light to illuminate the area. Belvias sends Legalotts ahead to scout the area and Legalotts discovers a Dart Trap.
Auryn uses his Mold Earth ability to remove a section of the wall with the dart trap, eliminating the threat.
The Crew quickly discovers a deep chasm just past the traps with a steep slope. Auryn again uses his Mold Earth ability to build a staircase down to avoid any falls.

At the bottom of the chasm, the tunnels splits. The Crew decides to go (left?). They follow the path into a large cavern riddled with bones and remains, from both humans and other creatures. Beyond this room is another where they find a large hole in the ceiling, and a small disk in the wall.

Auryn immediately begins playing with the disk in the wall, accidentally triggering a series of bars that close off the hole in the ceiling. Just as this happens, a giant rock falls into the hole and is caught by the bars.

At the same time, a small lever pops out of the wall, which Auryn pulls. This triggers the release of a small opening in the wall where a small chest is resting. After picking the lock, Auryn finds 2 diamond earrings, 250 gold, and a Ruby Dagger.

Eiliander investigates the dagger and deduces that it is made by the same blacksmith who forged the Sunsword. Eredere checks it and finds that it gives off evil energy.
Auryn insists upon holding it after the Sunsword states that it is its sister-sword and that it is evil.
Venturing on, the Crew finds a bottomless pitt. After Eredere and Thrommout make the terrifying leap, Auryn uses his Mold Earth ability to create a stone bridge and lets everyone else walk across.
Beyond the pit, the Crew finds a very large pile of gold and treasures. It’s more than 12 feet high and piled with gold, rubies, gems of all colors, goblets, a Red Dragon, treasure chests, crowns, tiaras, and every other trea-

The Crew finds a Red Dragon guarding its hoard.

Thrommout notices that the final crystal that they’re seeking is chained around the sleeping Dragon’s neck. Auryn sneaks forward to see if he can swipe it without waking the dragon. He climbs the gold pile but realizes the chain has no clasp or lock, it’s just infused with the crystal.

Auryn returns to the Crew to inform them of his findings.

The Crew deliberates on the best course of action. Eventually, Auryn decides to wake the dragon and just ask for the crystal… So, Auryn wakes the dragon and asks for the crystal.

The Dragon says no.

Auryn grabs the chain around the dragon’s neck as it swings at him, the momentum flings him up and over and he lands on the dragons back. The rest of the Crew rushes forward to save him and the big fight commences.

After being thrown off the dragon and bitten hard across his mid-section, Auryn casts Command on the dragon and orders it to grovel at his feet. It strikes and the dragon lowers itself to beg at Auryn’s feet.

Belvias begins filling his pockets during battle.

Eiliander gives Auryn a healing potion as Thrommout strikes at the chain around the dragon’s neck. He breaks the crystal free and grabs it up just as the command spell wears off.

The Crew battles the dragon, slowly whittling away at its health as the dragon slowly whittles away at Thrommout and Eredere’s health. The Crew eventually comes out victorious… and they begin to fill their bags and pockets with the spoils of their victory.

Author: CJ Stark

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