Dads VS Zombies

Dads VS Zombies

Dads VS series book 1

John, Chris, and Erik are already having a bad night; they hate bowling but the HOA requires it, they’ve started a fight with another bowling team, they’re too drunk to drive home so they have to walk instead, and to top it off, there are zombies suddenly.

Dads VS Zombies follows 3 dads trying to reunite with their families after a Zombie outbreak.  The world went to crap overnight while they were out drinking and bowling, oblivious to the outbreak of undead. When they return home, they discover their families have been evacuated and now they have to go find them… while trying not to kill each other in the process.

Dads VS Zombies was a fun, light-hearted story… right up until it wasn’t.  The humor is abundant, but there are a few moments and scenes that really hit the emotion button pretty hard. I found myself on several occasions staring at my speakers (it was an Audiobook) quietly muttering “oh no” as a few revelations came to light. 

What I liked:
As with all of Benjamin Wallace’s books, the action in Dads VS Zombies is very well written. It keeps me at the edge of my seat (which is not a good quality while driving, I suppose) and gets my heart racing. There are a few “oh shit!” moments; some that are thrilling, and a few that are heartbreaking.

What I disliked:
John! Oh my hecking goodness I wanted to punch that man in the face so hard! Every time I think he’s redeeming himself and changing his outlook, he goes and, spoiler alert, does something f*$%@3 stupid again. I couldn’t figure out why the other two would associate with him. 


Author: Benjamin Wallace

Narrator: Phil Thron

Genre: Comedy, Horror

Audible: here

Narrator: 5/5
Phil Thron is not completely unknown to me; he is the narrator of the Space Team series by Barry J. Hutcherson, and with the sheer number of characters and various alien dialects, that is not an easy series to voice. I have never been disappointed by a Phil Thron performance. He has a non-invasive reading voice, and a big bag of character voices to pull from. I would place him in my top 5 right now, up there with Luke Daniels and Jonathan Sleep.

Author: CJ Stark

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