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Mini Reviews: Raptors, Sweet Tooth, Hollywood

Mini Reviews Raptors, Hollywood, Sweet Tooth Raptors A Book by C.J. Valin and Jaime Castle Jaime Castle…

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Dads VS Zombies

Dads VS Zombies Dads VS series book 1 John, Chris, and Erik are already having a bad…

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Horror in Honduras

Horror in Honduras The Bulletproof Adventures of Damian Stockwell #1 Damian Stockwell is larger than life; he’s…

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The Simon Snow Trilogy

The Simon Snow Trilogy The Simon Snow Trilogy currently consists of two books, Carry On and Wayward…

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Mini Reviews 01

I’ve been reading a lot lately, so I figured I would do a few Mini-Reviews. Zoey Punches…

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Review: Ready Player Two

Wade Watts is back, and he is whinier and creepier than ever… and even worse; now he’s rich and entitled. Wade is now the CEO of the world’s biggest gaming company, one of the richest beings in existence, and the most powerful user in the virtual reality world of the Oasis. He also has access to everyone’s private data; their real names, their real locations, and their home security cameras.

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The Iron Druid Chronicles

What do Vampires, Witches, Dark Elves, a long lived Irish Wolfhound, Thor, a Chimera, Yeti siblings, and…

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The Buried Goddess Saga

Have you ever wondered what the lovechild of the Princess Bride and The Lord of the Rings might…

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Ready for Ready Player One

I saw Steven Spielberg’s take on Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One the other day, and following that…

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This is Bobnet

The Bobiverse Series I just finished listening to the Audible presentation of the We Are Legion (We Are Bob) trilogy and…