“Hold it right there!” The man with the gun yelled. “Have you been bitten?” Crissy shook her head. Unsatisfied, the man demanded she turn a full circle. He searched for bloody patches or recent marks. Nobody stayed alive long enough to change their clothes, and bites were bloody messes. She looked clean. He opened the gate and waved her in. […]


Week 11 of Flash Fiction Writing Challenge, a writing prompt by Pia at Finally UnchainedThis week’s prompt was: Strings. They were invisible, but since the accident, he could see them; thin, glowing strings of light that connected every being on earth. Blue threads were friends, green ones were family, and red ones, attached straight from one heart to another, were soulmates. He […]


Everyone in his expedition had already died, and he knew he wasn’t too far from a similar fate. When he signed on to climb Mount Supahi, for science, he expected a simple trip, not a journey through a frozen landscape so cold his nose turned to literal ice that chipped and fell off. Even if he survived, he’d never be […]

Flash Fiction: Mirror

My eyes lock with hers. Her eyes are blood shot and tired, lost and unfocused. Her face is older than she is, by a decade at least; pale, gaunt, and covered in powder. Or… no. The powder isn’t on her face; it is on the mirror. I hadn’t seen my face in weeks, and seeing it reflected on the table […]

Flash Fiction; Time

A new flash fiction challenge arrived! Thank goodness. After the previous two attempts, CJ was getting very disheartened about his participation. He decided to take it slow and plan something out. Monday, he wrote plot ideas. Tuesday, he wrote characters. Wednesday, he added a love triangle. Thursday he actually wrote. He proudly crammed an entire tear-jerking┬álove story into 100 words. […]

Flash Fiction 6

Following the previous week’s tragic incident, CJ was excited to sit down and write this week’s flash fiction. He sat his laptop on the table in front of him and started. He had only 100 words to accomplish an entire story, and he had the perfect idea. The words flowed from his mind to his hands. His fingers danced across […]

A truly tragic tale…

I was excited to get to jump on board with this new adventure of 100 word flash fictions based on single word themes. I was sitting in my car waiting for my spouses meeting to end and had nothing better to do so I twisted around and grabbed my laptop from my bag. I flipped it open, expecting to throw […]