A Chance Meeting

The Orcs had lied to me my entire life. While I believed that I was helping them regain their ancestral lands, I had actually been helping them pillage and conquer. When I learned this, I abandoned them. I couldn’t come to terms with my past and couldn’t face the world until I found a way to deal with it, so […]


Auryn Tyr Na’Dryx Bratt, better known to his friends as Auryn, is a Changeling born in war and raised by Orcs. An accomplished liar, Bratt has managed to keep his race a secret, despite others having witnessed his transformation. When he first met the original group, Bratt went by the name of Kiwi and was posing as a Goblin. It […]

Story Starter – 2018 APR 19

“82 people died entering that cave, trying to get the treasure at the end.” I had this idea recently, kind of inspired by a few different things; I’ll write a sentence, and you finish the story. There’s only one rule: The sentence I write has to be the first sentence of the story. Other than that, do as you please; […]

Zeds 1.2 Michael

First stop, refrigerator. I yank the door open and lean in, examining the menu of condiments: ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard. Questionable science experiment? Or left overs from the barbecue last month? No… two months ago. Has it been two months? I check the calendar on the wall, just to be sure. May 6th; two months and three days after I left […]