Week 7

I’m posting from my phone, and I don’t know how to do templates here… So, you’ll just have to deal with the lack of formatting. I’ve started work on custom character sheets for Pathfinder. I’ve been making custom character booklets for a while now, but I can’t sell those since they use copyrighted material from other websites. So, I’m taking […]

Update: Week 6

February 5 to February 11 Misc Sweet Baby Yoda, I almost forgot it was that time of the week again! Wow, time sure is flying by at insane speeds these days. With the pandemic, I’ve been doing nothing but working and sleeping for the past year and it’s really wearing on my recognition of days. Is it Friday? Is it […]

Update: Week 5

January 29 to February 4 Posts Map for Northquest 4: A map for the Northquest 4 pathfinder campaign, created by the DM, Eric. M.A.Z.E 01: The first page of an old comic I started. Reading I finished books 1 and 2 of the Stonehaven League and am currently a quarter of the way through book 3. I took a break […]

Update: Week 4

January 22 to January 28 Posts A Fairy Tail Wedding : A doodle/comic based on a typo. EmVee 3.2: Chapter 3 part 2 of The EmVee. Reading I finished book 8 of the Critical Failures series by Robert Bevan. As with all of the other books, it left me on a big cliff-hanger, whispering to myself “WTF?” before yelling “DON’T DO […]

Update: Week 3

January 15 to January 21 Posts What are you? : A bonus strip of a discontinued D&D comic Creation Notes: Lohengrin : Notes on the creation of my main PC for the Pathfinder Campaign, Northquest 4. EmVee 3.1: Chapter 3 part 1 of The EmVee. (Technically Week 4, but… meh). Reading I finished books 6 and 7 of the Critical […]

Update: Week 2

Happy New Year! I’m sure all my beautiful imaginary friends out there have noticed my absence these past few weeks, but I assure you I have a VERY good excuse; I’ve been lazy. Actually, I’ve been busy which leads to me being tired on my down days. I started a new job back in June of 2020, working 6 days […]

Week 48.2

I have some work to do. There are duplicate posts all over the place, posts that are misaligned, and posts with missing or wrong media… so, I have some work to do. With any luck, I will have enough fixed by the end of the week that I can then begin doing what I really want to do; write junk […]

Week 48

I am back! A while ago, I had this site and I filled it with a bunch of short stories and drafts for various projects I was working on. After the two year period I had initially purchased, the renewal took a massive price hike that I just couldn’t justify for a personal site… so, I let it lapse and […]

Update: Week 44

New Posts: Lochinvar 13 :: The Crew explores One Eyed Willow’s Island, searching for Nomra’s Soul Jars. Lochinvar 14 :: The Crew return to their ship, but it’s not how they left it. News: Relating to D&D, we have a new Homebrew rule for acid damage. Roll the damage die for the initial acid damage, and leave the die on […]

Update: Week 42

New Posts: Lochinvar 11 :: In which revelations are made Lochinvar 12 :: In which confrontations are had News: My Week count has been off by 1. Last week was week 42, and next week is week 43… so, last week’s update should have been 41, not 42. I know… you’re all extremely concerned about this, but don’t worry. I […]

Update: Week 42

New Posts: ComInkTober 3 – 9 :: All new contributions to ComInkTober can be found on the ComInkTober page   The Village :: A D&D Once Shot, recapping the FIRST game played by The Crew   No D&D this week (Insert Sad Face Here). We’re working on rescheduling round people’s new work schedules. It’s likely to be Saturdays now, instead of Thursdays.  […]

Update: Week 41

New Posts: Cominktober 01 :: First Contribution to the Inktober/Comictober prompt lists for October! ComInkTober 02 :: Second contribution to Inktober/Comictober prompt list   I also reposted 22 participation posts from 2018 and 2019 for the Inktober/Comictober drawing events. I cheated and back dated the posts to when they were originally shared. They can be found on the ComInkTober page […]

Update: Week 40

New Posts: Tossed Sallen and Scrambled Eggs :: A recap of our Dungeons and Dragon’s session from September 24, 2020. The title references a prank of poor taste made during the game that is not mentioned in the recap. New Pages: Major NPCs of Lochinvar :: A quick look at the notable NPCs in the Lochinvar Campaign. Minor NPCs of […]

Update: Week 39

New Posts: Lochinvar 09: Hungry? Why Wait? :: A recap of our Dungeons and Dragons session from September 17, 2020 New Pages: Locations of Lochinvar :: A list of locations for the “Lochinvar” D&D Campaign   Map of Lochinvar :: A map of the Lochinvar Kingdom from the “Lochinvar” D&D Campaign   Finnian Gainsboro :: A test page for individual […]

Update: week 38

I’ve been neglecting my updates! In fact, I haven’t updated once since transferring the site! I know I’ve been busy with the new job, working 6 days a week, 10 to 12 hours a day… But that’s no excuse! I should keep to my schedule. Right? Anyway, updates; The most steady thing coming from this site right now are weekly […]