The Ancient 3.3

Bri lands on the shoulders of the tall Pajonian man standing by the entrance to the underground cave, wrapping her legs around his neck. She throws her body weight forward, unbalancing the man below her. The man falls, ridden to the ground by the lady who fell from the sky. He catches himself on his hands, then falls and rolls, […]

The Ancient 3.2

“Two just exited,” Ash says, watching the distant cave through the scope of their rifle as two of the tall Pajonian men exit. The two engage the others already standing outside the entrance, exchanging greetings and quickly falling into jovial conversation. “Only two?” Bri asks. “Yeah. I have four at the entrance; the two guards and the two who-” Ash […]

The Ancient 3.1

Stakeouts are ssooo boring! It had been several hours since Ash found their position amongst the branches of a tree. They had been shifting about for the last two of them trying to find a more comfortable position. They went from lounging on their back against the trunk to dangling from their knees, and when it seemed like nothing was going […]

The Ancient 2.2

“Damn it!” Edward yelled again, he sprawled on his back and kicked his feet at Pe-bo, trying to keep him and his medical equipment away, but the tall man brushed his legs away effortlessly and rolled his eyes. “Knock it off,” Pe-bo commanded as he took the loose end of the rope off the ground and stood. “Come on. It’ll […]

The Ancient 2.1

Pe-bo crouched over the old man lying beside Edward. He had retrieved a kit from a pack against the wall and had something in his hand he waved under the man’s nose. The man woke quickly and panicked. Pe-bo rested his hand on the old man’s chest, holding him down. It didn’t seem to be a great deal of effort […]

The Ancient 1.6

“Uh, Tomu?” The tall man holding the rope pauses in front of Edward, confused. He looks over his shoulder at the bald man with the red eyebrows. “Tomu? This one only has one arm. How am I supposed to-” He trails off and holds up the rope. Tomu, the calm man with the red eyebrows, disengages himself from a conversation […]

The Ancient 1.5

“What the fuck is that thing?” The quiet man from the room asks. “I don’t know. Ask it?” The standing lady responds. “Should we be following it?” Asks the other lady. “It doesn’t seem threaten-” the other man began to speak but stops abruptly when Edward stops in front of him. He bumps into Edward’s back, who leans back to […]

The Ancient 1.4

By now, Edward’s vision has cleared enough that, once they adjust to the lights, he can make out the details of his surroundings. The hall is at least twenty feet wide, and twice that in height, extending far into the distance and gradually bending out of sight. The floor above them is just a walkway along the walls with a […]

The Ancient 1.3

The room is poorly lit, but it proves to be an improvement from the darkness of the metal coffin Edward had just evacuated. The main source of light in the room comes from a long, narrow window high in the wall near the ceiling. Below the window is a panel of glowing buttons and switches surrounding a computer monitor. There […]

The Ancient 1.2

“Hello?!” Edward calls into the darkness. His voice echoes through his chamber, rattling his eardrums and causing him to cringe. The voice outside grows further and further away until it’s replaced by silence. For a moment it feels as though they really are going to abandon him and the anxiety of it begins to swell inside his chest. He breaths […]

The Ancient 1.1

The first thought to enter Edward’s mind is; holy fuck! My head hurts! He groans, his groggy mind struggling to make sense of the world as he wakes. He leans forward and rests his head against the cold metal wall in front of him. He tries to comfort his brain, to bring his hand up and gently rest his head in […]