Zeds 3.3

I shield my eyes from the morning sun as I step out of the RV. The steps haven’t been lowered yet so it’s just one big step down. The group is talking amongst itself when Claire and Luke join them. I notice almost immediately that John is not present. I glance about, but he’s nowhere I can see. “Chase?” I […]

Zeds 3.2 Chase

A half mile past the welcome sign we find the first evidence that the town was, in fact, not spared; several vehicles rest, abandoned on the side of the road with doors wide open. Some of the windows are broken in a few of them, and one hood is smeared with blood. There are no bodies… there are never any […]

Zeds 3.1: Chase

WELCOME TO TWIN OAKS POPULATION 216 Twin Oaks… Twin Oaks… There is no damn Twin Oaks on this map! I glance back at the signpost that marks the border of the town. It says Twin Oaks; no doubt about that. It might be dark out but the letters are two feet high and fairly well illuminated by the headlights of […]