On Being a Writer

How long have you been writing?
I have been writing stories for as long as I can remember. When I was in the first grade I used to write fan fiction for Star Trek The Next Generation where I imagined myself as one of the many children on the Enterprise and I told the stories of what they were doing during all the events of the shows. I even wrote a few original episodes, one of which featured Wesley Crusher leading the children as all the adults vanished. We had to figure out what happened and rescue them all.
A LOT of my early childhood writing was mainly just Fan-Fiction for Star Trek, Indiana Jones, and the numerous TV shows I enjoyed. I didn’t do a whole lot of original work; only 3 pieces come to mind, not counting the “Comicbook” my friends and I were writing together.
The comic book was a depiction of ourselves as Dungeons and Dragons characters. My character was named Nomra, he was a boy Wizard who used his magic to make a tree house build itself. I think I was more interested in it than the others were; they wanted to run around and act everything out while I wanted to draw and write the stories.

When did you decide you wanted to be a writer?

I don’t know…
I’ve known I wanted to be an author for most of my life. In the second grade we were tasked a homework assignment to write a one-page story over the weekend. On Monday, I brought in six pages and requested more time because I had only finished the first chapter. My teacher told me I would probably be some great author in the future… my mother later told me to give it up because there is no actual, viable future in being a full-time writer.
I kind of stopped pursuing it after that and wrote mainly as a hobby. Some years later, in my early twenties, I had posted a short story on a writer’s site and it was somehow voted high enough to be published in one of their quarterly magazines. I was excited by this and started writing again, then kind of gave it up again because I become self-destructive when I’m depressed, then recently started picking it all back up once more. I am hoping to eventually finish one of the many things I started and possibly put something into a physical book…
Ideally, I’ll get something good enough that Wil Wheaton or Ray Porter would want to do the audiobook for… Such is my dream.

Author: CJ Stark

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