Creation Notes: Lohengrin

Character Creation Process and Notes for: Lohengrin Mildred Sherrinford Coriander Van Asche III

Since the DM of Northquest 4 opened all possibilities for character creation, I spent a LOT of time researching different Races and Classes.

Initially, I had decided to transfer one of my characters from another game over to this one and just play a different version of Finnian Grey. Ultimately, I decided that was unfair to the DM, who spent literally years building this world and story, so I started with something similar, but different.


I chose the Muse-touched sub-race of the Aasimar. The Aasimar are descendants of angelic beings, and the muse-touched are especially beautiful by mortal standards. Their skin glows, and their hair takes on metallic sheens.

Muse-touched Aasimar get +2 to Charisma and Dexterity. They also get a +2 bonus to Diplomacy and Performance checks, and can cast Glitterdust once a day as a spell-like ability.


Rolls: 11, 13, 14, 14, 15, 15

Lohengrin isn’t a physical person, so I used Strength as the dump stat for 11, and put the 13 in Constitution. He’s from a wealthy family, so I imagine he’s had some fencing, so I put a 14 in Dexterity (+2 racial for 16). He spends most of his time in a library, so I gave him a high Intelligence and Wisdom (15, and 14), and put the last 15 in his Charisma (+2 Racial for 17)

Lohengrin is a very Charismatic young man, well read and practiced with light swords. He’s not very physical.


I spent most of my time trying to decide what class I wanted Lohengrin to be. Initially, I chose Bard, with Oratory as his instrument. He’s not a singer, but he can talk circles around people. He’s a debater, and highly diplomatic. 

After some research I discovered a few more classes I thought I might like, so I tried the Investigator, the Sorcerer, the Alchemist, the Oracle, the Arcanist… I recreated the character multiple times under each class.

Then I discovered… archetypes. Minor subclasses of every class with minute differences to add some extra flavor. I won’t go into all of those because there were… a lot.

In the end, I settled on (drumroll)… a Bard.

A bard with the Archivist archetype.

Archivist Bards  gain a Naturalist ability that allows them to identify opponents’ strategies to give allies bonuses on AC and Attack Rolls against them. At 6th level they can also, and this is my favorite part, confuse people with their performances. With his focus in Oratory, this translates to him having the ability to confuse and daze people just by talking to them. I like to imagine Lohengrin is a big mystery novel nerd and confuses people with in-depth plot summaries.

At level 20, a Bard can straight up just kill someone with their performance. Again, I like to imagine this as Lohengrin just boring someone to death with excessive details and insights into his favorite books.


Each level, the bard gets 6 skill points. I get 2 bonus skill points for his Intelligence ranks, and a bonus skill point for Favored class. That’s 9 ranks per level.

Starting at second level, I have 18 skill points.

He’s supposed to be a big talker, so I dropped 2 skill points in Diplomacy, 2 in Linguistics, and 2 in Perform (Oratory). (12 left)

He’s knowledgeable as he reads a lot and spends time socializing with lower noble families. One point each into Knowledge (Arcana), Knowledge (History), and Knowledge (Nobility). (9 left)

On a purely academic level, he has levels in Disable Device (1 point), Heal (1 point), Spellcraft (2 points), Use Magic Device (2 point). (3 points left)

Having spent a lot of time in libraries, I’ve given him Profession (Librarian) (1 point), Perception (1 point) (searching shelves for books), and Stealth (1 point) (you have to be quiet in the Library!).


I was very torn on this one. I could either take Weapons Finesse, allowing him to wield a sword using his Dex modifier instead of his Strength modifier… or, Cosmopolitan, which would add 2 new Class Skills, and grant him 2 extra languages.

I ultimately chose Cosmopolitan so I could add Heal and Survival as Class skills, and take 2 extra bonus languages.


I gave Lohengrin Sacred Touch, allowing him to automatically stabilize a dying creature, and Dangerously Curious which gives him a +1 bonus to Use Magic Device.

I also chose to take a Drawback, though it wasn’t required. Lohengrin has Family Ties, which gives him a -2 to Charisma and Wisdom checks if he tries to ignore family responsibilities. Basically, if a family member makes a request of him, he has to follow through or he feels really guilty about it for a while.


The DM granted Lohengrin a family inheritance; a magic ring that grants a +1 bonus to Charisma, bringing him up to a solid 18.

Lohengrin purchased a Ring of Cure Light Wounds. He could have had a wand, but… that’s not fashionable.

Lohengrin also picked up a Cane-Sword. He is not proficient in it so… it’s just for looks right now.

Languages: In all, with Cosmopolitan, ranks in Linguistics, and his Intelligence, Lohengrin speaks 8 languages. Common, Celestial, Halfling, Elven, Dwarven, Catfolk, Sylven, and Goblin. This allows him to speak to everyone in the group in their own native language. 

Bonus Skill Points: Our DM has granted everyone an extra skill point per level, for use specifically in Craft, Performance, and Profession skills. So, I’ve given Lohengrin a point in Craft (Calligraphy) and Perform (Strings).

Name: Lohengrin’s name is a bunch of stupid nerdy references.
Lohengrin references the Source Material for Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and is also a new character in Ready Player 2.
Mildred is the name Steven Moffat jokingly claimed was the true name of The Doctor from Doctor Who.
Sherrinford was the original name of Sherlock in the first drafts of Sherlock Holmes.
Coriander is my favorite side character from The Iron Druid series of books written by Kevin Hearne.
Van Asche is a reference to Vanyel Ashkevron, the main character of the Magic’s Pawn series by Mercedes Lackey.

Lohengrin’s favorite fictional character is Sir Locke, of Holmes.

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