Daily Prompt: Mentor

Today’s one word prompt from from The Daily Post is the word Mentor.
I had some free time during a wedding today so thought I would participate! Have a little side story set in the EmVee universe!

When Lawrence was still a low level pleb, he had hired a higher level avatar to help him power level in some of the higher leveled zones of Dark Haven. In the beginning it was going well ; Lawrence gained five levels in the first hour just casting low level offensive magic spells at higher level monsters while Derrick, his high level friend, slaughtered them.
As Derrick was fighting an ogre, a large half bull half man charged at him from a blind spot behind him.
“Mentor!” Lawrence yelled, trying to alert Derrick.
“What?” Derrick replied, not taking his eyes off the ogre.
“MENTOR!” Lawrence yelled with more urgency.
Derrick delivered a final blow to the ogre and turned to face Lawrence.
“WHAT?!” He yelled back. Unfortunately, turning to face Lawrence put his back to the creature charging at him. The creature raised its axe and brought it down upon Derrick’s head. Derrick vanished in an explosion of pixels. Lawrence fled quickly.
Five minutes later Lawrence received an email from Derrick that simply said : MINOTAUR YOU MORON!
They never spoke again.

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