Auryn Tyr Na’Dryx

Bratt, better known to his friends as Auryn, is a Changeling born in war and raised by Orcs. An accomplished liar, Bratt has managed to keep his race a secret, despite others having witnessed his transformation.

When he first met the original group, Bratt went by the name of Kiwi and was posing as a Goblin. It was in this form that he came across Eredere and Eiliander, who took him under their wing during the events of “The Town”.

After the town, they were separated, but Brat eventually met up with them again in Barovia when he was playing the role of a mute Gnome… he thought it would be funny.

Bratt grew bored with being a mute (and a gnome) but couldn’t figure out how to change without making people aware of his true nature. He faked his death after eating poisoned cookies and transformed into an elf. He then made up a story about angering a witch by talking too much being involuntarily transmogrified into the form of a Gnome who couldn’t speak.

Author: CJ Stark

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