D&D 01 Introductions

The Beginning

2019 NOV 10
Day onE

The Heroes are at a tavern for weary travelers, most of them having met for the first time they spend some hours chatting and getting to know each other over drinks and food.
They are approached by three colorfully dressed individuals who introduce themselves as Vistani. Ratka, the leader of the three, requests the assistance of the Heroes to end the tyrannical reign of their king. The Heroes eventually agree after Ratka buys them drinks.

The Heroes follow the Vistani to a waiting wagon and they take a trip to their camp. They find a large fire pit surrounded by 20 to 25 other Vistani. One large man drinks and spits into the fire.

His name is Stanimir and he is happy for their assistance. He tells them the story of his people, and of the Prince they aided and nursed back to health. When safely returned to his kingdom, the Prince welcomed the Vistani to come and go as they pleased, stating that they were always welcome.

After some time, the prince fell to a curse that corrupted him and he became the Tyrannical King. The Vistani have traveled far to find Heroes to end the curse.

The Heroes sleep in supplied tents as Eredere and Eiliander Celerion keep watch.

Day two

The Vistani prove trustworthy through the night as no harm or foul fall upon the Heroes. They return to the wagon for a 2-day journey to Barovia.

Belviast finds a playing card [Jack of Spades] in the wagon.

Outside the city, the Heroes are asked to disembark from the cart as they come up to a river. The sand is soft below the water and the wheels sink, so it can not transport much weight. The river is 30 feet wide and 3 to 4 feet deep.

Belvias Feynom and Auryn Tir Na’Dryx ride in the cart, with a combined weight of fewer than 60 lbs. The other Heroes tie a rope around their waists and attach themselves to the cart as a failsafe. With the exception of Ereder, who trips and must be pulled to shore, the group passes safely.

Raz’Modian Thornweaver catches a Fish.

The Heroes enter the city. The locals seem unhappy in the presence of the Vistani, turning away and muttering. Some of the Heroes hear their comments.

“The Vistani have brought more people. I can’t wait for them to leave.”

The Heroes dismount from the wagon and approach a large Sign Post with several signs.
To the North: Cemetary, Blood Vine Tavern, Church.
To the South: Merchantile, Burgomaster.
Sign pointing West is broken.

The Vistani state that they will be waiting at a camp outside of town and ready to proceed when the Heroes are.

As the wagon is leaving the Heroes hear uncontrollable crying coming from someplace nearby. Thrommout Oakenback heads for the tavern while the rest of the Heroes choose to investigate

The dusty old home

The Heroes approache a dusty old home from which the crying originates.

Eiliander knocks on the door. A voice from upstairs yells “Go Away!”

Eiliander: Are you alright?!

The voice upstairs only cries in response.

Eredere: Can we help?

Voice: My daughter has been missing ?15? days!

Eiliander: Can we help you find her.

Voice: No one is found after so long.

Eiliander: Perhaps we are different.

The window upstairs closes and soon the door opens.

The crying woman introduces herself as Mary. Her daughter, Gertruda, has gone missing. Gertruda is 16 and friends of the Burgomaster’s son, Ismark. She went missing a week and a half ago with no signs of struggle or forced entry.

Raz and Belvias investigate the house. They confirm there iare no sign of forced entry, except for a broken hinge on a gate outside.

Auryn steals leftover food from the kitchen.

Eredere offers to take Mary back to the Tavern and get her a room so that she may feel safer while they look into the disappearance of her daughter.

Begin Quest: There’s Something About Mary

Blood of the Vine Tavern

The Heroes meet up with Thrommout back at the tavern. Raz opts to wait outside. Eredere speaks to the tavern keeper to negotiate rooms for the night. Upon hearing the price of a room, Auryn ducks out and waits outside with Raz. Eredere gets Mary settled in then rejoins the Heroes.

The Heroes meet a drunk named Ismark who introduces himself as the Burgomaster’s son. He is saddened by the passing of his father. The Heroes agree to help him with moving the casket the following day. Ismark is grateful and buys drinks as he recounts the assault against his 16-year-old sister by the tyrant king.

Begin Quest: Put the Burgo in the Ground

Meanwhile: Outside

Raz and Auryn are sharing a smoke. Belviast joins them when they notice a couple of children playing in the street to the North. It seems odd as it is late in the evening and all others have already returned to their homes.

Being in good spirits, Auryn approaches cheerfully and takes a seat with them. He proceeds to play Patty-Cake. Raz and Belv opt to approach cautiously, sticking to shadows. When the children do not seem to be a threat, Raz approaches and asks the kids why they are out.

The eldest of the two introduces them as Rose and Thorn. She informs Raz that they are not at home because there are screams and growls coming from their basement and it is frightening.

Begin Quest: Investigate the Durst House

Auryn gifts the kids with Jerky and the trio return to the tavern to relay this information to the others.

The Heroes unanimously conclude that the children are not safe and decide to immediately investigate the house.

The Heroes arrive at The Durst House, a 4 story home made of brick. They find the children are waiting outside the gate.

  • Eredere detects evil upon the children. This does not change Auryn’s friendly opinion of them.
  • Belv investigates around the house but notices nothing unusual.
  • Auryn notices two open windows on the third floor.
  • The Heroes approach the house and Belv opens the door. They enter the Foyer, an entryway with a large fountain.
  • Belv investigates the fountain and finds the water is flowing by unknown means.
  • The house, despite being abandoned, is oddly clean and free of dust and debris.
  • Auryn proceeds ahead, searching for a kitchen. The Heroes follows.
  • Auryn pulls on everything that looks like it can be pulled and is generally disappointed that there are no secret passageways.
  • The Heroes explore until they find a room with 3 large, intimidating wolf statues.

Roll Initiative.

The statues are a decoy, and the Heroes are fighting animated brooms.

  • The Heroes fight 2 Animated Brooms and manage to escape with only minor scratches.
  • Heroes investigates Wolf Statues, they find nothing.
  • Auryn pretends to get attacked by Wolf Statue. No one laughs.
  • Eredere investigates drawer, it is locked.
  • Barbarian breaks drawer. Finds 4 gold, small wood pipe, 2 wood whiskey glasses.
  • Eiliender investigates long table, it is also locked.
  • Belv picks locks, finds Heavy Crossbow and Chainmail for average-sized human or elf.
  • Eredere takes Chainmail. (Someone) takes Crossbow.


  • Belv leaves the room, crosses the main hall and finds the kitchen.
  • Belv investigates kitchen 8… he notices it has kitchen stuff.
  • Auryn opens the pantry and takes a few handfuls of flour. Nothing else seems edible.
  • Thrommout assists Belv in using the dumbwaiter to reach the second floor.
  • Belv uses dumbwaiter to access the second floor, finds himself in a bland servants room. The room has servants uniforms and little else. Belv takes a nap.
  • Eiliander begins to ponder the house’s existence and proposes that it is not real.
  • Auryn proposes that the party ask the children how to access the basement so that the may investigate the scary noises they’ve been hearing.
  • Raz goes and asks. The children do not know.

Dining Room

  • The Heroes check the dining room. They find scary artwork and they steal silverware.
  • Auryn requests that Raz light the fireplace. Nothing of interest happens.

Second Floor

  • Anticipating the arrival of his group, Belv hides in a suit of armor. Raz finds him.
  • Auryn inserts the business end of his bagpipes into the armor and blows as hard as he can.
  • It is amusing.
  • The Dwarves take spears from the suits of armor, then Heroes moves into the next room.


  • Auryn immediately notices an unusual book and pulls on it. He is delighted to find a secret room. He gets everyone’s attention before entering.
  • There is a smaller room with a lot of “evil” books on summoning demons and dark magic. There is also a silver chest at the back of the room.
  • Auryn investigates the chest and notices it is booby-trapped. He devises a plan to open it by having everyone exit and have Raz poke it open with his staff.
  • Raz is hit with a dart but is resistant to poison [-1hp]. Auryn offers him an encouraging thumbs up then investigates the chest again.
  • There is enough gold for each member to take 25 pieces, 3 black leather-bound books with blank pages, the Deed to the house, the signed Will of Gustav Durst, and 3 spell scrolls.
  • Bless is given to the Eredere
  • Protection from Poison is given to the Belv
  • Spiritual Weapon is kept on hand to be sold later.
  • Auryn attempts to slip Deed into his bag but Raz notices and slaps his hand with his staff.
  • While everyone is focused on Auryn, Belv manages to slip the deed into his pocket.

End Session

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