D&D 02 The Second One

The Second Part

2019 DEC 11

The Durst house

Picking up where we left off, the Heroes are still in the secret room of The Durst House’s Library. Inspecting the skeleton, a Letter to Gustav is found. It is addressed to the owner of the house, Gustav Durst, and signed by Strahd Von Zarovich.

Noting the time of night, and noting that superstition stipulates that spirits and ghosts grow stronger during the “Witching Hour”, the Heroes return to the Blood of the Vine Tavern to rest. On their way, they hear a loud, rhythmic pounding coming from the North near the Graveyard.

The Blood of the Vine Tavern

Arriving at the tavern, the Heroes see a familiar face. Kriv is occupying the Tavern with a new acquaintance, Khaleesi. They were also picked up by the Vistani and brought to Barovia to assist in the Dethroning of the Tyrant King.

While the Heroes are introducing their new members, Auryn Tir Na’Dryx slips out the front door to investigate the Graveyard. Eredere makes note of his disappearance.

The Graveyard

Auryn arrives at the Graveyard to find that the thumping noise is being made by 250 marching skeletons. Initially frightened and ready to flee, Auryn notices that the skeletons are marching THROUGH trees, bushes, and gravestones. He realizes they are just illusions, not real Skeletons.

The Heroes find Auryn marching amongst the Skeletons, playing bagpipes and enjoying himself. They decide to follow the marching army.

Svalich Woods

The Heroes follow the army into the woods where they are attacked by a witch.
Thrommout Oakenback makes a hard swing and cleaves the witch in half.

Two other witches charge the group, screaming about the death of their sister. The Heroes manage to fend hem off. Raz’Modian Thornweaver entangles them in vines and the Heroes subdue them.

  • The Heroes learn that the illusionary Skeletal Army marches through the woods every night at Midnight.
  • The Army marches to Strahd’s Castle, a half day’s journey away.
    The Heroes release the witches to collect their sister’s body and return to whence they came.

The Next Day

Keeping to their word, The Heroes rise early, eat, and head to the Burgomaster’s Mansion. They assist Ismark and Ireena in moving the body of their father tot he graveyard and putting him to rest.

Question Completed: Put the Burgo in the Ground
Level Up: Everyone

Completing their morning task, the Heroes return to The Durst House.

The Durst House Part 3

The Heroes head straight to the third floor, where Auryn immediately assaults a suit of armor. It assaults him back.

Though they have a tough time, the Heroes eventually destroy the armor.

Eiliander Celerion finds a hidden door that leads to the attic.

Eiliander and Khaleesi find a locked trunk. Khaleesi picks the lock and finds a skeleton inside. A ghost rises from the trunk and attacks. Eiliander and Khaleesi dispatch the ghost.

Khaleesi claims the contents of the trunk for herself. Thrommout Oakenback finds a few extra coins in the bottom of the trunk. Khaleesi attempts to steal them from him when he turns around. He catches her.

Noting the attempted theft, Auryn sneaks up behind Khaleesi and steals a handful of coins from her as payback.

The Heroes unlock another room and find Rose and Thorn waiting for them inside. Unlike before, these two now seem to be ghosts who are unaware that they are deceased. The bones of 2 children lay in the middle of the room, presumably belonging to Rose and Thorn.

The Heroes deduce that the other two skeletons found in the house were likely those of their parents.

While investigating Rose’s dollhouse, Auryn discovers a secret stairwell leading to the basement.

Eredere collects the bones of the children, taking care to pack them separately and not mix their bones. The Heroes leave the house again to tend to their bodies, promising to return later to check out the basement.

As they leave, the bones begin to clatter and strain as though trying to return to the house.

Author: CJ Stark

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