D&D 03 The Durst House

2019 DEC 19

The Heroes rise, have breakfast, and return to the Durst House. They head straight to secret stairway Auryn discovered in the children’s room in the attic. The stairway spirals downward and they find themselves in the basement.

The Heroes enter the basement, a long hallway lined with doors. After testing for traps, they open the nearest door and find a small room with a stone sarcophagus. As they check the next few doors they find the same.

A quick investigation reveals that each has an initial; T.D. which they believe to be Thorn Durst, R.D. which they believe to be Rose Durst, and another initialed E.D.

The room with the E.D. initials has a hole in the wall and a swarm of centipedes bursts from it. They promptly close the door and decide to move on.

Down the hall they find a large room with a table at the center.

Kriv Investigates the table, he finds nothing of interest.

Raz investigates the table, he finds nothing of interest.

Belvias investigates the able, he finds nothing of interest.

Khaleesi investigates the table, she finds nothing of interest.

Kriv investigates again. Still finds nothing.

Raz investigates again, finds nothing.

Turns out, it’s just a table…

Kriv cuts the table in half and Raz sets in on fire.

Auryn sneaks away from the group to explore on his own.

Belvias finds a a creature hiding in a corner. It is a Grick.

It… It’s not very nice to him.

After a lengthy fight, the heroes eventually fell the Grick, with Eiliander delivering the killing blow. Auryn returns as the heroes are cleaning themselves up and informs everyone he’s found a stairwell leading down.

Eredere recommends clearing the first floor before moving lower, to avoid having any unknown creatures follow down at an inopportune time.

Kriv wanders off and finds a table in the next room. He investigates it and is promptly attacked by a ghostly mimic.

The Heroes, drawn by Kriv’s screams, catch up in time to rescue him. Kriv promptly thanks them all by running away to the next room. The rest of the heroes take down the mimic with only minor injuries, then try to catch up with Kriv.

Kriv, meanwhile, has found a room with a large alter and a statue holding a large orb. As he approaches the statue, 5 shadows appear and approach him. He turns and runs, leading them back to the heroes searching for him.

As Kriv rejoins the group the shadows stop moving. Raz makes an attempt to speak to the Shadows, but they do not respond. Seeing as the shadows are not attacking, the Heroes move past them to investigate the room they came from.

Raz and Auryn investigate the large statue, finding an orb giving off weird vibes. Auryn climbs atop the statue and tries to remove the orb. As soon as he touches it, the shadows reactivate and approach him. In a single blow, Auryn is brought to near death and falls unconscious.

The Shadows do not attack anyone else. Eiliander collects Auryn’s body and everyone flees up a nearby staircase. They discover the stairs are a secret entrance to the basement from the room with the Wolf Statues.

The Heroes exit, returning to the Blood of the Vine Inn to recover from the days adventure.

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