D&D 04 Again With the Dursts

2019 DEC 21

The heroes return to the inn. They rest then head off to the church in the morning. After a discussion with the resident clergymen, they find that the Priest’s son is a vampire. They recommend he leave the boy locked in the basement where he can do no harm.

The heroes return to the Durst house’s basement. The first floor of the basement seems to hold no further surprises so they proceed to the second floor.

The heroes find an odd room with a number of extremely creepy trinkets. A hallway is blocked by metal bars. They explore the rest of the dungeon and find a monster. They kill it.

Kriv runs off on his own… again… and finds a Shambling Mound… It chases him away.

The group reconvenes at the creepy trinket room and defeat the large beast.

Following the death of the shambling mound, the house returns to normal and no longer tries to attack.

To test, half the group sleeps in the entry of the house while the other half returns to the inn.

End Quest: The Durst House

Author: CJ Stark

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