D&D 05 The Dankness

2020 JAN 05

With the Durst house resolved, the Heroes head to the mercantile to make some trades. Afterwards, they agree to finish their quest with Ireena to take her to Vaalik.

Outside of the city walls, the heroes run into the Vistani, still waiting for them. They climb into the cart and head out.

The Vistani deliver the heroes to their main camp where they meet Madam Eva. She reads their fortunes and speaks a prophecy.

After the prophecy is told, the heroes rest and set out the following morning…. but first, they spend a significant amount of time trying to purchase some super dank weed, yo.

They fail, though.

The group meet some spooky scarecrows and a fight takes place.

The heroes win, but Auryn looks unwell.

Author: CJ Stark

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