Shark Maw Mountain : D&D 20

2020 MAY 07

After helping old Morty find his big chest in the lake, the Crew returned to Morty’s Magic Cave.
Along their way, they were assaulted by an Elemental… They took it out pretty easily due to their awesomeness.
But then, another one appeared while they were bragging about how easy it was… And they squashed it too.
Afterwards, the Crew resumed their journey, arriving at Morty’s Magical Cave.

They rested up and set back out. They returned to Vallaki where they learnt that their efforts to elect a new Birgomaster were in vain. A new enemy was made of (what’s her face) and her children.
A confrontation at the town square was avoided thanks to the negotiations of Eredere.

The group left the town to avoid further confrontation and headed west. They met up with the Vistani caravan and traveled with them for a while. Belvias gifted the card reader the deed to the Windmill in exchange for information on a mysterious weapon.

Eventually they parted ways and took a rest at Shark Maw Mountain.

Author: CJ Stark

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