Welcome to Krezk : D&D 21

2020 MAY 08

The Crew woke early, packed up their camp, stamped out their fire and set off Westward, continuing their journey to Krezk. They followed the signs and kept on the path, though occasionally stopped off the trail to ensure they weren’t followed.

Arriving at a bridge, the Crew noticed several guards keeping watch. Auryn approached and addressed them. They revealed themselves to be Bounty Hunters seeking a group of Six wanted in Valleki for tampering with the election. Auryn convinced them that he had just seen a group of six suspicious individuals several miles back who traveled south. The two guards called their backup over and they fled off in the direction indicated.

Further along the road, a small group of muggers took note of the group and charged them. Auryn managed to Charm one of them and the Crew dispatched the other two. They let the charmed man go free while they looted the others and buried them.

The Crew eventually reached Krezk, where they met with the Burgomaster who directed them to a small home they could potentially rent. They followed the lead and met with the owners of the house. They paid for a week’s rent then agreed to meet the owners for dinner.

The Elves traveled to the local winery and purchased wine for the occasion. Unbeknownst to all, Auryn replaced the wine in the expensive bottle with wine from a cheaper bottle and hid the good stuff for later.

The Crew had dinner with the Dunddy family and learned that the Abbey may potentially be inhabited by followers of Strahd. The Crew then went back to their rental and slept.

Author: CJ Stark

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