Squeak Squeaker McSqueaken : D&D 22

2020 MAY 15

The Crew ventured up to the Abbey to visit. They met two individuals who were crossbreeds of animals, and not very friendly.
When the crew left, Raz transformed into a Cat and went to spy on the inhabitants of the Abbey.
He discovered that they had a Vampire Hunter imprisoned, and they spoke of a potential wife.

A plan was made to find the Vampire Hunter.
Raz and Auryn waited until night, transformed into flying squirrels and climbed the walls of the Abbey. They ran recon until they found a woman in red, armed with a crossbow. Auryn made contact and exchanged words via written message.

Raz and Auryn found that she was pretending to offer herself as a wife in order to get close and kill him.
The Dynamic Duo informed her that there were allies outside the Abbey walls (NOT ALL SQUIRRELS), then left to relay the info to the others.

Author: CJ Stark

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