Gently Rapping at my Chamber Door : D&D 23

2020 MAY 20

The Crew is disturbed in the middle of the night by a knock on the door.
A stray elf with a Gnome in their arms are standing outside.
Eredere and Eiliander assist the unconscious gnome.
The next day the crew heads to the lake to meet the Vampire Hunter, Esmerelda. They bring her home to talk.

Esmerelda leads the crew north to a cave.
The Crew finds 211 golds and a sheild.

The Crew finds 2 werewolves.
Kitty cat loving Auryn hates dogs and he demonstrates it… Well.
The Crew slays the Werewolves.

The crew is chased back to Krezk by the myst. As they rush back through the gates, the guards begin firing into the myst.
It turns out there was a swarm of zombies.
Auryn throws ball bearings into the zombies to watch them all stumble and fall over eachother.

Early the next morning Eredere investigates the fallen zombies.
He finds something but Chris didn’t hear it.
(Update: Eredere took a helmet from a general. Noticed they were not new zombies)

Author: CJ Stark

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