Izek and the Were-Bear : D&D 24

2020 MAY 30

The crew returns to the cave to retrieve the cart of food they had found the previous day. They attempt to investigate the tracks of the cart, but weather has made them difficult and they lose them.

While pushing the cart down the trail, the Crew stumbles upon a Were-Bear.

The Bear and Auryn have a stand off. The bear breaks first and walks away. Auryn feels accomplished.

The Crew manages to get the cart back to town. Upon their arrival, they cross paths with a small group of Vistani. The leader of them is Isaac, son of Stanimir. He explains that he is hunting a Were-Bear that attacked a village to the south.

The Crew lead the Vistani group back to where they met the Were-Bear. The Vistani are prepared to attack, but Eredere insists upon hearing from the Bear first and puts himself between the two parties.

The Were-Bear speaks against the accusations, denying having ever been to the village. Isaac refuses to believe this and moves forward to attack.

Eredere asks permission to cast Zone of Truth, and permission is given. The Were-Bear repeats his denial and is found to be telling the truth. Isaac appears to be lying.

The Crew stands between the Were-Bear and the Vistani, refusing to allow them to attack an innocent.

Isaac turns and leaves, informing them that the Vistani are not enemies that The Crew want to have.

The Crew returns to Krezk and deliberate on what to do with the food cart. They decide to give it to the Mongrels at the Abbey, hoping to gain some brownie points with them, while also performing a good deed.

The Crew tires themselves out trying to push the Cart up the hill. Halfway up, Auryn suggests he just turn into a draft horse and pull it up. Some wonder why he waited to make this suggestion. He shrugs.

Later in the evening, back at the Hovel, Auryn sits down and writes a note to an old contact. He requests assistance, seeking to hire someone to steal Strahd’s Journal from Fiona. In the meantime, the Crew decides to return to the old Durst home in the Village of Barovia.

The Crew leaves Krezk, but as they approach (other village) they are set upon by Isaac and his friends.

A pretty epic battle ensues. Everyone does some cool shiznit.

The Crew loot the fallen and find 400 gold, a large axe, and an emerald.

They bind Isaac, sling him over the back of his horse, and continue on their way. They travel South through the woods, then turn East to avoid the village. The exit the woods near the Old Windmill. Remembering that they left the deed to the Windmill in the hands of Madam Eve, they approach and knock.

The Crew is informed that Madam Eve is with the main Vistani Encampment, which is currently located South-East, back where they Crew first met them.

Auryn asks about the witches that used to live there. The Vistani man informs him they were put to death and buried in the back. Auryn relieves himself upon their graves to let them know how he feels about their cookies, then rejoins the Crew to continue on their travels.

The Crew sets camp at the top of the mountain, within view of the Vistani who are at the bottom of the cliff, still too far to reach with the remaining light.

Author: CJ Stark

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