The Sunsword : D&D 25

2020 JUN 14

The crew arrived at the Vistani camp and met Madame Eva. They turned Izek over to the camp and explained the circumstances of his restraint.

Later that evening, (what’s his face) returned to camp and gathered the Crew and Eva. He tells them he found what they were looking for… sort of… and removes a hilt from his bag.

The hilt is all that remains of the Sunsword, a crystal sword that once held the light of the sun, destroyed by Strahd a long time ago. The hilt is all that remains, but it still seems to hold some its old power and can be remade.

Auryn stepped forward to claim the hilt and, miraculously, no one stops him. As he takes hold of the hilt he hears a (new) voice in his head, talking about killing Strahd and being afraid of the King coming to completely destroy it.

The Crew traveled north to see old man Morty. They explained the situation and Morty said he believed he could reforge the blade… if he had the crystals. The easiest way to acquire the crystals would be to travel to the other side of the mountains and collect them from the crumbled remains of Earth Elementals.

The Crew agree to find the required crystals… tomorrow.

Author: CJ Stark

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