Earth, Web, and Fire : D&D 26

2020 JUNE 28

Belvias, Eredere, Eiliander, and Auryn woke early and attended breakfast. They spoke to Morti who stated he was preparing his teleportation spell to the other side of the mountain and that the Crew should get themselves prepared.

Having opted to wear only a bed sheet to breakfast, Auryn had to go get dressed.

Once everyone was ready, Morti used his spell and instantly transported the Half Crew to the other side.

Belvias used his amazing Ranger skills to find the giant foot prints of several Elementals and track them back to a large cave.

Belvias has Leggalots build a large spider web between two trees, intending to use it as a defensive trap to slow down the Elementals, should they need to flee.

Auryn uses his Mold Earth cantrip to cause a disturbance at the cave entrance, hoping to lure an elemental. He accidentally dislodges a large boulder that caves in a section of the cave entrance.


After a moment of silence, a quiet rumble is heard and a large rocky hand pushes aside a large boulder. They have disturbed one of the several elemental residents.

Eredere took the lead, putting himself between the Elemental and the rest of the Half Crew. Auryn casts Shield of Faith on Eredere, upping his AC. He manages to get through the fight without a scratch.

Belvias, however, is hit with several flying boulders thrown by the Elemental and nearly dies… twice.

Like… he just kept getting hit with rocks like he forgot how to dodge or something.

Auryn manages to keep him alive.

The Crew breaks the elemental down until it crumbles into a large pile of gold and find 2 of the 5 required crystals.

As they are collecting gold coins, another rumble comes from the cave. The Crew decides they are not fit for a second fight and they flee before the second one arrives.

Author: CJ Stark

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