Investigate the Durst House

Investigate the Durst House

Investigate the Durst House

Auryn and Raz met some children playing in the street. They discover that the children are afraid of their home as there are scary sounds coming from the basement.

The two relay this information to the rest of the party, and the group immediately heads to the house to protect the children.

The Heroes arrive at The Durst House, a 4 story home made of brick. They find the children are waiting outside the gate.

  • Eredere detects evil upon the children. This does not change Auryn’s friendly opinion of them.
  • Belv investigates around the house but notices nothing unusual.
  • Auryn notices two open windows on the third floor.
  • The Heroes approach the house and Belv opens the door. They enter the Foyer, an entryway with a large fountain.
  • Belv investigates the fountain and finds the water is flowing by unknown means.
  • The house, despite being abandoned, is oddly clean and free of dust and debris.
  • Auryn proceeds ahead, searching for a kitchen. The Heroes follows.
  • Auryn pulls on everything that looks like it can be pulled and is generally disappointed that there are no secret passageways.
  • The Heroes explore until they find a room with 3 large, intimidating wolf statues.
  • The Heroes fight 2 Animated Brooms and manage to escape with only minor scratches,
  • Heroes investigates Wolf Statues, they find nothing.
  • Auryn pretends to get attacked by Wolf Statue. No one laughs.
  • Eredere investigates drawer, it is locked.
  • Barbarian breaks drawer. Finds 4 gold, small wood pipe, 2 wood whiskey glasses.
  • Eiliender investigates a long table, it is also locked.
  • Belv picks locks, finds Heavy Crossbow and Chainmail for average-sized human or elf.
  • Eredere takes Chainmail. (Someone) takes Crossbow.
  • Belv leaves the room, crosses the main hall and finds the kitchen.
  • Belv investigates kitchen 8… he notices it has kitchen stuff.
  • Auryn opens the pantry and takes a few handfuls of flour. Nothing else seems edible.
  • Thrommout assists Belv in using the dumbwaiter to reach the second floor.
  • Belv uses dumbwaiter to access the second floor, finds himself in a bland servants room. The room has servants uniforms and little else. Belv takes a nap.
  • Eiliander begins to ponder the house’s existence and proposes that it is not real.
  • Auryn proposes that the party ask the children how to access the basement so that the may investigate the scary noises they’ve been hearing.
  • Raz goes and asks. The children do not know.
  • The Heroes check the dining room. They find scary artwork and they steal silverware.
  • Auryn requests that Raz light the fireplace. Nothing of interest happens.
  • Anticipating the arrival of his group, Belv hides in a suit of armor. Raz finds him.

  • Auryn inserts the business end of his bagpipes into the armor and blows as hard as he can.
  • It is amusing.
  • The Dwarves take spears from the suits of armor, then Heroes moves into the next room.
  • Auryn immediately notices an unusual book and pulls on it. He is delighted to find a secret room. He gets everyone’s attention before entering.
  • There is a smaller room with a lot of “evil” books on summoning demons and dark magic. There is also a silver chest at the back of the room.
  • Auryn investigates the chest and notices it is booby-trapped. He devises a plan to open it by having everyone exit and have Raz poke it open with his staff.
  • Raz is hit with a dart but is resistant to poison [-1hp]. Auryn offers him an encouraging thumbs up then investigates the chest again.
  • There is enough gold for each member to take 25 pieces, 3 black leather-bound books with blank pages, the Deed to the house, the signed Will of Gustav Durst, and 3 spell scrolls.
  • Bless is given to the Eredere
  • Protection from Poison is given to the Belv
  • Spiritual Weapon is kept on hand to be sold later.
  • Auryn attempts to slip Deed into his bag but Raz notices and slaps his hand with his staff.
  • While everyone is focused on Auryn, Belv manages to slip the deed into his pocket.
  • A Letter to Gustav is found, clutched in the hands of the skeleton by the chest. It is addressed to the owner of the house, Gustav Durst, and signed by Strahd Von Zarovich.
  • Noting the time of night, and noting that superstition stipulates that spirits and ghosts grow stronger during the “Witching Hour”, the Heroes return to the Blood of the Vine Tavern to rest.
day two
  • The following day, Heroes head straight to the third floor, where Auryn immediately assaults a suit of armor. It assaults him back.
  • Though they have a tough time, the Heroes eventually destroy the armor.
  • Eiliander Celerion finds a hidden door that leads to the attic.
  • Eiliander and Khaleesi find a locked trunk. Khaleesi picks the lock and finds a skeleton inside. A ghost rises from the trunk and attacks. Eiliander and Khaleesi dispatch the ghost.
  • Khaleesi claims the contents of the trunk for herself. Thrommout Oakenback finds a few extra coins in the bottom of the trunk. Khaleesi attempts to steal them from him when he turns around. He catches her.
  • Noting the attempted theft, Auryn sneaks up behind Khaleesi and steals a handful of coins from her as payback.
  • The Heroes unlock another room and find Rose and Thorn waiting for them inside. Unlike before, these two now seem to be ghosts who are unaware that they are deceased. The bones of 2 children lay in the middle of the room, presumably belonging to Rose and Thorn.
  • The Heroes deduce that the other two skeletons found in the house were likely those of their parents.
  • While investigating Rose’s dollhouse, Auryn discovers a secret stairwell leading to the basement.
  • Eredere collects the bones of the children, taking care to pack them separately and not mix their bones. The Heroes leave the house again to tend to their bodies, promising to return later to check out the basement.
  • As they leave, the bones begin to clatter and strain as though trying to return to the house.
day three
  • The Heroes take a rest and return to the Durst House in the morning.
  • The secret stairway leads to the basement where the Heroes find a long hall of doors.
  • The first door they find opens into a room with a stone sarcophagus. Each door down the hall also contains one.
  • The heroes find a sarcophagus initialed T.D. They believe this is Thorn Durst, and they lay his bones inside. The sarcophagus glows blue and closes.
  • The Heroes later find another one initialed R.D. which they presume is for Rose Durst. They lay her bones inside and it glows and closes as well.
  • One room, initialed E.D. has a hole in the wall which bursts with centipedes a foot long and probably poisonous. They close the door and move on.
  • In the next room, the team finds a table.
  • Kriv Investigates the table, he finds nothing of interest.
  • Raz investigates the table, he finds nothing of interest.
  • Belvias investigates the able, he finds nothing of interest.
  • Khaleesi investigates the table, she finds nothing of interest.
  • Kriv investigates again. Still finds nothing.
  • Raz investigates again, finds nothing.
  • It is just a table…
  • Kriv cuts the table in half and Raz sets in on fire.
  • Auryn sneaks off down a hallway and finds a stairway leading down.
  • Belvias finds a Grick. It is not nice to him.
  • The Heroes defeat the Grick. Eiliander makes the killing blow.
  • Kriv has run off into another room. He finds a table.
  • He investigates the table and is attacked by a ghostly mimic.
  • The heroes manage to catch up to fend off the mimic.
  • Kriv thanks the heroes by running ahead into the next room while they fight it.
  • The heroes kill the mimic.
  • Kriv finds a room with an altar and a statue and is set upon by 5 shadows.
  • Kriv runs back to the group, and the shadows follow.
  • Raz tries to communicate with the shadows but they do not speak.
  • Raz finds that they are not threatening and he moves past them down the hall to where Kriv was.
  • The heroes all move down the hall.
  • Raz and Auryn investigate the alter. They find a weird orb in the hands of the statue.
  • Auryn tries to move the orb and the shadows attack him.
  • Auryn is K.O.’d in one blow. The Shadows stop.
  • Eiliander takes Auryn’s limp body and everyone flees up a nearby set of stairs.
  • They find themselves back in the Durst House, first floor, where the wolf statues are.
  • They head for the exit.
day four
  • The heroes return to the Durst house’s basement.
  • The heroes find an odd room with a number of extremely creepy trinkets. A hallway is blocked by metal bars. 
  • They explore the rest of the dungeon and find a monster. They kill it.
  • Kriv runs off on his own… again… and finds a Shambling Mound… It chases him away.
  • The group reconvenes at the creepy trinket room and defeat the large beast.
  • Following the death of the shambling mound, the house returns to normal and no longer tries to attack.
  • To test, half the group sleeps in the entry of the house while the other half returns to the inn.

Mission Accomplished

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